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tommy12's Poetry
22 Mar 11 10:28 pm
you are my dream

I glance at you as you pass me by
I see a girl so beautiful and wonder why
A girl so mild and so flirtatious
A girl so wild and oases
Divine love surging through my heart
Keeping you close and never apart
Looking into your eyes and seeing stars
Looking into the sky wondering where you are
I see you all day and in my dreams
I can’t look away from you it seems
To once refresh a world that was dark and grey
To glaze at the sight of your beauty all day
To hear your ecstatic and loving voice
Choosing to close my ears at a horrible noise
To see the sight of your beautiful face
Never losing touch and never losing grace
Coming closer to love every second
Never fading away for a minute
Flying away to a peaceful scene
Head held high as love intervenes
You give me inspiration every time we talk
This is why I wish for us to take a walk
I’ve always loved you from the start
No reason for us to be apart
Till the death ill love you my dear
Nevertheless the end is hear
Ill dream and dream every night
About something precious as your sight
Your beauty was too much to endure
I’m too addicted and there is no cure
My heart has fought the last war
Getting rid of darkness no more
Head held high and on my way
Guess no reason anymore to stay
Tears may stream come and go
But sometimes I just must say no
All the years’ I’ve tried my best
Guess it’s time to give it a rest
I just want to settle with you my queen
Forgetting all those people who are mean
My heart cried but failed the test
No reason anymore to be a pest
Just want to say I love u with my life
Just haven’t gotten the chance to ask if you would be my wife
I love you my dear