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I made a bold discovery.

There lies the next "Dark Side of the Rainbow". Don't believe me? The description says it all. I'll copy and paste here.


An industrial set by one DJ Devious found on that syncs up with the 1922 classic Nosferatu (it has to be the version where the names are the same as in the book "Dracula" and not the changed names in the theatrical version. i.e. Dracula, not Count Orloff). This edit is pre-synced. Links below if you wish to verify.

Start the movie after the robot voice says "DJ Devious" (00:02 in), with the music. When you repeat the industrial set, start it over 6 seconds before the track ends to get a perfect sync throughout the remainder of the movie.

Sync Points:

The actors move in a very rhythmic fashion, so nearly everything they do is in beat with the music. It would be easier to list the times they don't move to the beat. With that in mind, I made a short list of sync points.

2:09 - Beat changes as Bremen comes into view. Lyrics in German.
2:29 - Female voice in song when Nina is on screen. Her mouth almost moves to the words.
3:11-:16 - Flower reveal synced to the music beautifully
3:37 - Lyrics begin as old man on street speaks to Jon
6:55-:58 - Renfield pats Jon's hand to the beat, even speeding up with the drum
8:55 - Jon begins his journey as the song changes
9:03-:11 - Jon walks to the beat
9:55-10:02 - Horses walk to the beat
11:35 - Beat comes in when Hyena appears
12:29 - Old woman crosses herself to the beat
13:03 - "The Book of Vampires" on the screen with lyrics "But I know it's something after me"
15:49 - Lyrics "The morning won't stick around" when the words "The sun will soon be setting" are on screen.
16:29 - Lyrics "Night falls" when the words "We will go no further" are on screen.
17:28 - Lyrics "Night falls" when phantom carriage appears on screen
18:32 - Carriage driver points on the beat. Actually, every time they point, it's on beat.
19:06 - Lyrics "Night falls" when Dracula appears
23:56-24:16 - Jon walks to the beat (because of course he does)
24:39 - Lyrics "My one, my only" as Jon writes to Nina
24:56 - Music turns ominous for portion of Jon's letter to Nina that talks about neck bites
25:38 - Jon yells just as a scream is in the song and it sounds like they're saying "Nina"
26:30 - Music changes when Nina's portrait is the focus
26:48 - Lyrics "Have you no conscience, have you no respect" as Dracula comments on Nina's throat
26:56 - Lyrics "I will protect" as Dracula hands Nina's portrait to Jon
27:06 - Lyrics "Won't be the last time" when words "We shall be neighbors" are on screen
27:25 - It sounds like they're saying "Nina" when Jon kisses her portrait
27:51 - Lyrics "Fucking put an end to you" when words from Vampire book "Nosferatu drinks the blood" are on screen
28:27 - Dramatic music change as Dracula lurks in the hall
29:18 - Perfect beat drop as Dracula goes through doorway
29:29 - Lyrics "It's just the first time", female voice. Nina on screen sensing Dracula for the first time.
30:19 - Sounds like they're saying "Nina" when her name is on screen
30:23 - Drums come in as Nina falls and is caught by Westenra
31:16 - Lyrics "Can't you see the end is near" as Dracula reacts to Nina's psychic warning
31:22 - Lyrics "It's the end to all your fears" as Dracula leaves Jon
32:15 - Lyrics "Can't you see the end is near. It's the end to all your fears" when words explaining Nina's psychic warning are on screen
33:38 - Lyrics "Can't you see the end is near." as Dracula is visible through broken casket lid. (It's a casket. Coffins are tapered. You'll be seeing a lot of them from this point on)
33:48 - Drums start as lid is thrown from Casket
34:46 - Guitar comes in as horses drive off. Lyrics return to German when Dracula journeys to Bremen
35:18 - Lyrics "It's the end" as Jon reaches the end of his sheet rope
40:02 and 40:19 - Renfield catches and eats flies to the beat
43:42 - Jon seems to react to a distressed female moan in the song
43:56 and 44:16 Nautical ping as the ship Demeter appears on screen
47:12 - Soundclip "I remember things that kill" as Dracula appears transparent
48:56 - Nosferatu rises from his coffin to a very brutal beat
49:38 - Dracula appears on screen with the synth
52:18-:23 - Nina runs to the beat
52:32 - Synth change when Renfield appears on screen
53:31 - Pirate-y horn music as ship appears on screen
53:45 - Guitar comes in as Dracula emerges from ship hold
55:09 - Rats emerge on beat
57:19 - Organ starts when Dracula appears on screen
58:16 - Lyrics "I don't think you understand my desperation" as they untie dead captain from wheel
1:00:21-:26 - Soundclip of talking starts when man talks and ends when he stops
1:02:06 - Drums start with drummer
1:06:02 - Nina points to the beat
1:10:00 - Old lady moves head to the beat
1:12:03 - Lyric "scared" and a scarecrow is on screen
1:12:32 - Lyrics "But I know it's after me" as Nina startles awake
1:15:15 - Lyrics "Heart" as Nina grips her chest