CorpseQueen's Poetry


sure you will..

clocks tick
when jaws unhinge

your the bees knees baby
the cats meow

with backwards eyes
and ridged metal lips

wipe away the fog
rewind and erase

id take it all back
if he had whispered


whats the point
when flesh toned hills
roll through out the distance

salty rivers from the sight
only in dreams of a better world

blankets of lipstick stained snow
cover secrets
hiding from a blind population

bright lights mask answers
to all unasked questions

close your eyes
and dont forget the glow
when touch finds truth
in a basket of smiles

lets keep it sweet

my hair keeps getting shorter with you in mind
now im just ripping the chunks out
the pieces hurt more everytime

youve got me crawling out of my skin
standard y cut
and youd still rather stare at the ground

slur a little more baby,
i think youve got it down
those words i love to hear so much,
the ones keeping me around


wet cement around a leafy green
darkness towers to the sky
and light peeks at the earth

warmth from all around
rays in the form of skin
around hips


unsplashed from a clamy grasp
like bubbles carried with wind
black wires stretch from here

to there
and little sister scribbles colors on the floor
spewing from fingers to a tree
she thinks of you

and all you hold
of her

let go now
before were forced to take action

dont do this