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CelinaJaguar Is Mashable

!!Rwar!! Marcelina is Dinosaur or Fossil no just kidding now if you can so kindly Shizzle My Dittzel By Signing My Magical All Knowing Imaginary Guestbook From The Astral Plane and you can find CelinaJaguar on Neocite/Neocitices now I'am fading out.

I'am Also On HotWebring

I'am On HotWebring/Neocities as BlondieMemento and CelinaJaguar so Denizens Of The Internet Take A Peek If You Are Brave Enough???.

I'am An Magical CatGirl

I believe you but My Tommy Gun Doesn't so Giltter,Slime,Heavy Eyeliner To Stab With,Bangs In The Face,Bows,Skinny Jeans Can't Move,Tank Tops,Shorts ready set go I Sizzle.

This Site Is Dead & So Is Emo

Have mercy on me since Mercelina/Celina is a Scene Queen/Emo Princess and Snoopers let's see if My Knife Likes You??? Or Not???12345678910 tag you're it.

Blondie Memento On Neocitice

Dearest Browsing Profile Visitors if you're looking for Juicy Info/Hungry For Any Gossip??? then you will be Gravely Disappointed since I Won't Spill My Guts now give me Strawberry Milk or Blood;););) anyways weebs I'am on Neocitices as BlondieMemento and CelinaJaguar.