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Blog Comments
Title: Nominations are closed.
Author: admin
Date: 05 Dec 11 6:32 pm

We have closed open nominations and are currently in the process of making the official nominee poll. Official award voting will open on December 15th. Thanks to all who sent in nominees! Further information will be given here when new updates are available.

05 Dec 11 8:33 pm
Nah ... we take the 5 users who are nominated the most in each category and enter them in the poll. Then everyone votes from there.

I guess it's helpful to have the poll though because we have a lot of ties in nominees sometimes.

05 Dec 11 8:15 pm
It's done like this every year

I'd like to see and try just taking nominations from everyone one year and whoever has the most wins the final award ... that way it isn't such a favoritism last choice out of a list. And it might be more widely spread out.