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Title: GO VOTE!
Author: admin
Date: 15 Dec 11 8:09 am

The polls are now open and you can start voting for GG's 2012 MOTY Awards! They can be found here:

We encourage everyone to browse profiles and really think about your votes. Remember each user can only vote in each category once , so choose wisely!

Voting will end on December 29th and winners will be announced on January 1st.

Good luck everyone!

29 Dec 11 6:15 am
You're just in denial, Michi Wichi.

24 Dec 11 12:07 pm
I can understand Biggest Female Whore and Best Profile. Fakest Member? Not so much.

17 Dec 11 2:03 am
Bah, it was easy this year... and I'm not just saying that.

16 Dec 11 8:11 am
DOne! And shit that was really hard to pick through this year):


15 Dec 11 4:55 pm
well... I voted, was easy seeing as it was the same people pretty much all the way through, I just clicked randomly everywhere until they were all done

this required very little of my time, now to go do some shoots for people... joy joy


*stares* "..."
15 Dec 11 9:26 am

Man there was some hard choices this year to pick between.
(: ♥


15 Dec 11 8:40 am


ωηο ξουλδ ωιν α ραββιτ
15 Dec 11 8:35 am

15 Dec 11 8:29 am


ωηο ξουλδ ωιν α ραββιτ