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Title: email to Carigan with Liz
Author: Vampariah
Date: 03 Feb 17 8:28 pm

Yes I am stalking you. It is lie Vampirerave where you can stalk people and bite them; it is a good site and has lots of writing of mine on Vampariah, because you are so close, I sink my canines into you *bites Caridoll* "Now you will live forever."

I have looked for you on GG, but I cannot find, there is a song called it is better the "second time around" I came to the library expecting to have a good cry over you, but alas you wrote and we take our knowledge of each other one step further.

They built up the inside of the castle with a maids quarters, if you didn't want to stay in my bed. But my grandfather when he had been given a woman from Bonefro put her up in Little Italy for one month, during the beginning of the roaring twenties, and gave her the freedom to experience America on her own and never forced her to be with him, but the nightlife was so meaningless after a month she acquiesced and married him shortly thereafter with that arranged wedding. I kind of like doing what my grandfather did a hundred years ago, offer marriage to a woman that he never really knew, and leave it up to her to make the move; which is why I had a room upstairs for you at two floral, and I was going to make you feel comfortable in your new home, and you know living together it would have happened, and you would have made it to my bed. This girl is buying a case of wine today to celebrate a court case and I am going to get the whole townie house drunk with a bottle of Vodka. I hope you are treating yourself well, you know by the time you are twenty one you will be in Italy and you might never have the advantage of seeing what it feels like to be legal, because in Italy there is no such regulations.

My teaching credentials in New York do no more than giving me the opportunity to substitute any class and blow the kids away, but in Italy, if I don't get my father's museum job, I can teach English over there or coach American sports for the olympic team of Italy. Being an Italian citizen, having been born there, I don't need a Visa and I can stay there forever away from Old Faithful, and since it is a Communist country, I would probably be given a check every month which is what communists do, if you married me in Italy, then you would be an Italian citizen too, since I was born in Rome and you probably would get a check from the government as well. But once I have my feet in town, and they soon learn what a Vaccaro is, I am sure I would get the Vaccaro museum job since I wrote his bio for 20 years, and even though I am such a drunk I made LIz a lush (she is into the wine that I cook with) it is not a bar culture over there where I can stand at a bar and have regulars, the weed would be cut off by the mafia, and they don't have the bodegas all over the place where we find cigars, so I would stop drinking and smoking. My brother wants me dead so he can have the whole inheritence and knows I would be a good boy around you too, haven started smoking at 30, and drinking every day at 40 I am in good shape, and I am not an addict, just a writer like any other wirter that drinks and smokes. I am more of a habitual person, and I do things to pass the time, (painted a new jacket look at facebook) and once you change your habitat then you change your habits, so I would have a new lease on life while America goes down with the lies that the government never even talks about the supervolcano, but I am smarter than that. IN 2017 they want to put a chip in everyone's left hand; do you want a chip in your left hand or do you want to come to Italy with me. I am a rich man over there and every 50 years one has to return to Italy to reclaim one's lands, so this year I am really going over there. Or we could stay friends and not mess up what we used to have and still cling too, Caridoll.
LOve Dave.