officialyouth's Poetry

The Boy and The sinner

I was locked in my own sadness, I felt like I was in a prison cell, I cried myself to sleep, hoping and waiting,
I was chained to my sins, my wings were broken, I was dead, until one day he found me, he took off my chains,
He fixed my wings, he has seen my wounds, he has seen my scars, he closed them, Even though I was a sinner,
I thought my pain was always here to stay but dried my eye, you picked up my broken pieces, I was lost in my suffering, you saved me when I almost was fading, I'm your little creator, I feel safe, I'm not in pain anymore because you heald my heart, I feel protected I don't feel scared anymore because you are by my side, you showed me the stars, you never let me go, I'm brought back to life by your heart, you will be someone who I will never forget,
your heart is pure, you hold my heart until the very end, you are my energy, you will never fade away, you shine the light through my life, your love shines the moon, your love has set me free, you given me a reason to live