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~Beauty is what you make it~
28 Feb 09 4:36 am

she stares in the mirror
and knows what she sees
the sad little pity girl
there's blood on her knees

she cries out it terror
teeth clenched from the pain
eyes filled with such sorrow
i'll take all the blame

"can anyone hear me"
"is anyone there?"
"i'm dying to know"
"does anyone care"

the screams grow louder
she starts to cry
she bits her lip harder
"i want to die"
18 Jan 09 4:02 am
candy man

A pin prick , that makes her sick
Blood runs dry as dust
I'll hold your hand , and be your man
This loving lie, another name for lust

her dress is torn and dirty
this girl all dressed in black
i whisper silly nothings
In the ear that's not attached

Her blue lips turn to smile
The eyes no longer there
My pretty little doll-e
Her hollow vacant stare

Razor hips, blood that drips
I was her candy man
candy lips,with carved up tits
she whispered "catch me if you can"

My candy coated little doll
Turns my sweet tooth on
I lick her jell-o insides out
I will miss her when she's gone
13 Apr 08 2:58 am
The Lonely Girl

I can hear people whispering
All the murmurs in my brain
Just to blur my clouded vision
Can't stay conscious, won't stay sane

Everything is moving fast
I stumble, almost fall
Try to hold myself together
No one's there , none at all

I know that i am shaking
The cold wind whistles, blows
There's no mistaking
She's not there, no one knows

Gray ghosts are haunting me
Standing with me in the street
There is no escaping them
They follow my heart beat

Frantic, drenched with panic
She can not breath anymore
They consume her very breath
This is what she's waited for

The lonely girl with a broken soul
The ghouls have sucked her dry
Her hopeless life, hair black as coal
I let her go, let her die