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tommy12's Poetry
02 Aug 11 1:57 pm
give me a chance

My love increasing till this very day
Hoping to see u in everyway
You have placed a simple curse on me
I’m hooked for life to u my one and only
You are my life my one and only queen
I’d love to walk with u into this lovely scene
Please here the sincerity in what I say
Ill never stop loving you everyday
I wish I wish you only knew
That my heart would beat a thousand times just for you
You are ruled by the moon and the tides
My love is crazy enough to give u a ride
I miss you every day that goes by
If I remember one thing about u it’s your lovely eyes
I dream about you so much
I feel and feel for your touch
But then I remember your not there
It makes me sad and I see a tear
because I hate it that I’m not with you
And all I can do is tell you the truth
But this isn’t good enough
Because without you life is tough
I’ve never felt this way in years
That’s why I’m burning and seeing tears
You are the moon and stars in my sky
Something I would never question why
I’m sorry if I’m being creepy
But I needed to tell you this so you understood fully
Of the point I’m trying to make here
Which is simply love my dear
I want to be the guy that makes you smile
And then cuddle with you or a while
I want to be the guy that makes you laugh
And walk with you into this righteous path
I’m so jealous of other guys that get to date you
It’s not fair because you don’t know the truth
You don’t understand what I would do
Just to make you happy for a day or two
So give me a chance on a lovely day
To prove and show you the right way
To a fair date with just you and me
Because all I want to do is make you happy

I love you
29 Jul 11 2:40 pm
im waiting for you

i speak in an elequent manner of your beauty
i distinguish the harsh truth of reality
i long just to hear your plea
and cry for my love is as deeps as the sea
as i reach for my journal and write what i see
there's something so precious standing before me
a lady far greater than any lady known
with so much love she's never alone
but its a new era and a new life begins
and i strive to succeed as i repent for my sins
and now the tides have changed one last time
as i sit here in sand and watch for some sighn
when will i be notified
when will you be by my side
im a squirrel thats roaming and exploring the world
what the hell should i do to get you as my girl
i may not never be the perfect guy
but ill give you my everything and ill tell you why
your the type of girl who has it made
im the type of guy who begins to fade
i mean i dream sometimes im falling and falling
im running real fast and i just sart floating
and then there you are floating beside me
and then i reach out to look and see
is this real are you acutally right in my hands
am i sitting here holding you like this was planned
but then i wake up and realize it wasnt true
and now in the cold i sit here waiting for you
29 Jul 11 2:15 pm
from side to side

the wind blows plants from side to side
as i sit in my chair from where i hide
the mist comes from the left really hard
and the rain drops and im on guard
and of course i think of you as mother plays her role
while the air around me switches to cold
we all want the same things at diffrent times
but i try to persua you with my poetic rhymes
the sun is creepin up on my skin
and im thinkin of a way to start and begin
i want to ask if you would be my girl
but i dont want to embarass myself in this world
please understand i want to capture your heart
but in return please dont tear mine apart
i love you like a sickness and its cured together
now let us combine our love for one another
like rain and sun and coal and heat
we will stay together even when one weeps
for if my love was ever denied
my soul will perish while hell is where i reside
for want of a kiss from her lucious soul
to the excitement and happyness of new found gold
at last ive found my love and lady
if she knew id be considered crazy
the way she blushed shamed the stars in the sky
the way she blossomed could make any guy cry
her eyes as dark and gleaming as night
but a taste of her love would kill your frights
so as the wind blows plants from side to side
ive found love so i shall not hide
29 Jul 11 1:58 pm
i got to move forward

the clouds are gray the sky no more
i dont know what to say as it begins to poor
as the rain falls i can't help but think of you
i think to distinguish between false and true
but the rain vanishes and the sky becomes blue
and the sun shows itself as i think of you
insects crawl and bee's pollinate
as i sit here and begin to investigate
where are you and whered you go
the guy who loves you wants to know
ive done somethings that were bad in the past
and now they've caught up to me real fast
but now i moe forward in an attempt to succeed
while my heart is desprate for love begins to bleed
you said you wanted to go out and made me a tool
now i sit here hopelessly looking like a damn fool
my self esteem low and my pride shot down
yet my head held high as i get beat to the ground
everythings taken away ive got nothing to lose
but now that im here ive got things to prove
its just me against the world and the lonely girls
who seem to thnk its funny to hate you in this world
i shed the tears as i reak what i sow
i think about the past while my head hangs low
when walked into my life i was just a fool
and now your leaving and its not so cool
i feel lost untethered and suspend
as i hang in mid air and watch what has ended
please dont leave m im in love
there's no one else just me and you my dove
thats why i must move forward
29 Jul 11 1:43 pm
the truth

your beautiful and a simple minded gorgeous girl
i never thought you'd bring love into my world
now you guide me and hold me tight
kissing my cheek and diminishing my frights
before we met i was a loser and a nothing
then we met and i became something
i would never be more happy than now
and then you did something idiotic and foul
you left me and my happyness to die
my smile fades and i start living a lie
i sit listening to depressing music
cutting and crying and trying not to lose it
ive lost faith in all of mankind and well being
can't belive i thought we came close to a thing
so what can i say and what can i do
to understand my heart was given to you
yea everyone gets dumped but this was something special
your ripped out my heart and set it floating like a vessel
i ask and beg of you to talk to me
please here my crys and my plea
this is breaking me down inside my body
it seems as though you did this intentionally
just want you to know ill always love you
and that my love is the absolute truth
29 Jul 11 1:32 pm
im thinking of you

it rains hard and i think about you
ive ben running now here's the truth
the cold water hits my face as i look to the sky
and think about how i lived a lie
only time i was happy was when i met you
even then i seemed to be a damn fool
you'd make me smile everyday by being beautiful
your natural charming self so wonderful
the site of you was just so amazing
but you would never understand what my heart was craving
i wanted to promise you the sky
and love you until the day i died
and now i sit in reminisce
flippin through genisis
i remeber you asked if life matters
and i got this idea the worlds on a silver platter
sure the worlds an imperfect place
and sure everyone might think im a disgrace
but i promise to keep myself in check
and make sure what i do is correct
i love you angel you are my queen
so head held high lets walk into this scene
and now that you've heard the truth
now you know why ive been thinking of you
19 Apr 11 12:31 am
will you go out with me ?

You’re like a flower all pretty and soft
Walking with beauty with your head aloft
I want to hold your hand in mine
And take a walk many times
I want you to know I love u that much
I don’t want to lose your warm touch
Becoming sunny day and day
And I’m falling in love in everyway
I think about my love a little longer
Wishing I could be much stronger
My face seems to turn from blue to grey
But your skin gives me a tingle like snow in my face
When you’re gone I can’t sleep
Sometimes I shake and start to weep
I laugh because you said id leave
But the only place I want you is next to me
In my arms were you belong
Where everything is peaceful as we undo our wrong
I had dreams about you last night
I had my arms around you holding you tight
I’m asking for a second chance
Let’s have this eternal dance
You can get angry and get sad
But I’m still here to listen to the day you had
I’m willing to do anything to keep a smile on your face
Just seeing you smile keeps my heart winning the race
I believe we have something and it’s meant to be
Open your heart and start to see
So your beauty will collide with love
And my heart and yours will ascend above
I can’t sleep because you’re amazing
Your love has every right for infiltrating
I want your love in my world
As I’ve said countless of times will you please be my girl ?

I love you
18 Apr 11 6:07 am
i had nothing till i found you

So I’ve been running into my demise
Thinking and thinking ill get a good surprise
Little did I know my dreams weren’t shit
And my life was a mistake every last little bit
I fell in love from time to time
But they would hate me and my rhymes
My poems never meant a damn thing
Just as bad as when I use to sing
Surviving and surviving is what I’m saying
Looking at her and just chilling
I never had much and always got by
This time I’m just shedding a tear and starting to cry
Feeling loose and an empty vessel
Girls always telling me to get on their level
Only the strong survive in this world
And only the handsome boys get the girl
I’m just another rebel trying to find love
Looks like my reservation was cancelled above
Your smile and laugh has got me hypnotized
While those beautiful eyes got me mesmerized
Chillan and laughing that is what we do
And those problems you have we will get through
I want to feel your love surround me
And caress something so powerful you see
Hey girl there is no mystery
There is only love as far as I can see
Let me hold you tight
And let our love take flight
Put your feet up and kick it back
While we keep this relationship on track
This feels like a real live fantasy
But I’m attracted as though you’re my ecstasy
How in the hell did I meet a girl like you
Alright here it comes you ready for the truth
I feel like we really have something here
And I don’t want to lose it in fear
I want to keep it going strong
Because in the end there will be nothing wrong
angel you are the queen of this world
This is why I ask for you to be my girl
I’m your humble servant and you are my queen
I kneel to your everlasting beauty in this enchanting scene

You’re so beautiful….
12 Apr 11 10:33 pm
ill fight for you

I declare my love for you
I can’t tell you how much it’s true
To see your smile brightens my day
To dream of you in a special way
Sure I wish I could be with you
Have you in my arms and such
To tell you I love you this much
You really have no clue at all
How tall my love is for you
It reaches above oceans and sky’s
And moons and tides it’s even
Crazy enough to give you a ride
I dream about you every night
Waking up to the bright sunlight
You’re the first thought on my mind
When I wake to the sunshine
The last thought when I sleep
Under the moon’s peak
I seem to always ponder
And wonder about such a girl
You infiltrate love into my world
You amaze me everyday
Your astounding in everyway
What can I say about the
Lovely woman I see everyday
But I’m afraid of this new love
I just don’t know how to tell you
My dove that I’m in love with you
And that you’re beyond the riches
In the heavens above
You understand me in many ways
Once again I’m glad I met you
That one special day I declare
My love for you one last time
Because I’m tired of not speaking
Like I’m a mime angel I’ve been
In love with you since we met
So let’s get this straight and set
I think of you too much and
I know its crazy and weird and such
But I freaking love you so much
I’m glad I was able to get this off
My chest before it turned a mess
My life would be weird without
You around if it weren’t for you
Id be beat to the ground
I can’t express this love enough
I know I’m crazy but I’m not tough
I’m more of a lover you see
I’m not a fighter I just cant be
I must admit you are so lovely
And you seem so happy
And wonderfully and also
Amazing and beautifully
I wish I was you since you
Are a queen I’d love to walk
With you into this lovely scene
I love you angel I truly do but
My words cannot express
My never ending truly amazing
Undying astounding fulfilling
Love I so preciously have for you……………………
12 Apr 11 10:32 pm

Can you imagine anything greater
Our love growing even stronger
I have such a fiery passion
My heart burs for your attention
I wonder what could drive me crazy
Seeing as though I’m really lazy
As to express this love that makes
Me hazy I seem to recall a dazzling
Beauty I also recall the dream of love
Full of passion for you my dove
I’m fighting for you for I cannot
Hold on to this burning love
From beyond I’ve seen your smile
And my I must say it truly
Brightens my crazy day
I cast a love spell upon you dear
Don’t worry my angel have no fear
You simply have the curse of beauty
You are such a wonderful dazzling cutie
I’m in love with you for all eternity
Let us drift into smooth anxiety
Close your eyes under the stars
And drift away in this hollowly car
I wish to kiss you in the night
Under the bright moonlight
I want to cuddle and hold you tight
Take my hand and fear no fright
For love seethes in the air
Without a hint of danger far or near
No matter what happens to us my dear
I will never ever bring you into fear
You are so precious and important to me
I’d die without you don’t you see
I need you in my arms love
I’m nothing without you my wonderful dove
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your love
I love you angel……………………….