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tommy12's Poetry
12 Apr 11 12:36 am
my death is calling

As long as you’re smiling the world shines
The day you were born I opened my mind
The most I could ask for Christmas is you
Hold on wait let me explain the truth
I’ve found someone who is so interesting
Someone who can tell you the meaning
Someone with such a big brave heart
So full of love that we should never drift apart
Remember this day because its our last
I’m just going to drift and drift off in the past
I know I’m nothing and I know you hate me
It’s something very simple that I should see
Got to embrace this pain and make it a part of me
While I sit tied to a chair in the bottomless sea
Writing poems everyday pouring my heart out
I mean it’s a sickness it’s like the gout
I understand that I’m not the best looking guy
I don’t even know why I thought I’d try
You’re mad out of my league
And I’m an idiot who always seems intrigued
I apologize for not being good enough
I’ll give it one last go and be tough
I’m an idiot yes I know this
This is why I haven’t had my first kiss
I’m a fool to believe I have chances anymore
I’m acting as though I’m a self righteous whore
I know nothing I do is good enough
Its funny because I really thought I was tough
Now I hold on to death with a gripping hand
As I listen to my one and only favorite band
Death is starting to come to me
And so now I must realize and see
I really was a mistake
And I will never be anything but a fake
I’m drowning in very deep water
I look in the mirror and wait for slaughter
But then I see you and peace finds me
All of a sudden I’m released and free
I turn to see what’s going on
And there’s a pretty little angel holding on
But she’s still out of my reach
Too far away and on that little beach
I’m running out of time
There’s no more need for my ingenious mind………………
27 Mar 11 8:54 pm
i dont want to lose you

My dream is to have you
Something so simple and true
Id idolize you from time to time
Just writing poems with rhymes
But I’m pouring out my heart
Because I love you and we shouldn’t be apart
I could say this and that and it wouldn’t matter
Because this world of course is on a silver platter
You are the only woman ill ever love
I would die for just to make you happy my dove
I want to fall asleep in your arms and wake up to that smile
This is something I’ve never thought of in a while
Tangled up in problems I haven’t been exactly there
Something we’ve talked I’ve showed I care
I really do care and I want to show it
But I never get the chance not even in the least bit
I just want to show you the meaning of my heart
Like I mentioned I really don’t want us to be apart
I’m not perfect and I beg for forgiveness
Without you things never are the same nevertheless
I feel like we’re losing a connection
And I feel as though I’ve lost all attention
I don’t mean to be a bother
I was under the impression we loved one another
I was a fool to think that and I understand
Now I sit and try to think of plan
You say you’ve been hurt before
I don’t want that happening anymore
But I feel that there’s a distance
And that the love I have needs assistance
I just don’t know what to do
Of course I’m going crazy without you
I love you whether rain or shine
Just dreaming of you is fine
Your love is so good I wish it was mine
But I can’t see it because it seems to be blind
I hate hiding my feelings I just want to let them show
I love you so much and I want you to know
I mean it’s a feeling that comes from within
I want you to know the love I am in
Sometimes I believe we should be one
Then imagine we’d have so much fun
If you take my hand you’ll see my girl
I guarantee you that we’d be in another world
See I wish raindrops were falling today
It would remind me of your beauty anyway
Your heart is a house of love
Why else would you be an angel from above
My love for you I can’t be denied
I really wish you could see the tears I cry
I just feel that we’ve both been away
But I want to solve this problem right way
Until my love stops singing
Ill just be here waiting hoping and dreaming for your love……………..

I love you
22 Mar 11 10:34 pm
im falling for you

I can’t sleep cuz I’m falling for you
Then again I’m to afraid for the truth
Let our two beautiful worlds collide
And let our love spread while we decide
What to do with this brand new power
One thing I know is that you give me desire
So ive been thinking and thinking a lot
And I want to know if you like me or not
No I’m not going to hand you a note
Instead here’s a love poem I wrote
You are my real life fantasy
I’m hooked on you like ecstasy
I feel for the way you made me feel
I don’t think anyone can tell me it’s not real
Now you’re gone and I’m useless
Plunging deep into the abyss
I’m lonely and I feel scared
I thought love was there and I thought you cared
If I said I don’t want you back I’d be lying
And now I sit in reminisce crying
I miss you so much the world is gray
I’m so broken down its like decay
I’m not the kind of guy that will use you
I want you to know I’m here and ill always tell the truth
You bring me so much joy I cry
Happy tears and letting out a joyful sigh
In the beach or the sun
You still know me better than anyone
When I’m not feeling well or in pain
Your always there for me even in rain
It may be a dull and gray sky’s
Trust me I hear your fateful cry’s
I have no more fight left in me
So if you don’t like me ill let things be
From time to time I made a glance
I was under the impression I had a chance
I really do have feelings boiling inside
But only with you do I want to confide
You have rules that ill always abide
Hear let’s talk and decide
I want this to be right I feel a connection
I don’t want it awkward let’s break the tension
I’m just a nerd that in love
In love with a goddess from above
I don’t have six packs and rippling muscles
I don’t do drugs and hustle
This is more than just a high school crush
Please let me explain and hush
It may be high school
And maybe I’m a fool
Hell yea the world is cruel
And yes I see you and I drool
I’m sorry I can’t be as perfect as other guys
I’m sorry that I told lies
You just don’t understand what I would do
I wish I wish you knew the truth
Hey we all know love spins
Emotions change again and again
I know you may not love me
But that’s not important
Wish you could see what I see
Because I fell in love in an instant
Matter of fact what is this I feel
Like I said who can tell me this isn’t real
Can’t we just admit we like each other
Or is it too much of a bother
I like you there I said it
Now your turn and don’t be a hypocrite
We all have our own emotions
And we all want each other’s attention
I guess there’s nothing left to say
Since you decided to ignore me today
Please know ill forever love you
And that will always be the truth
22 Mar 11 10:32 pm
i love your smile

Your eminent beauty is everlasting
Just your smile is too amazing
You’re the goddess of love and beauty
Something I can’t distinguish between life and reality
The world swirls around your love
You’re peaceful like a heart-warming dove
You ease every tension with persistence
My love is yours and will never be resistant
I’ve kept it low-key and discreet all this time
Now you’ll see what’s been going through my mind
The love that I’ve been holding back for you
It’s time for me to release and tell you the truth
When I dream at night I dream of peace
And I dream of you for like a bunch of weeks
You run through my mind non-stop everyday
Please let me explain and hear what I must say
I can’t help myself when I see you
So I must decide to show what’s true
To feel loved in a warming environment
To come out of early retirement
I’m running and running into a wall
But no matter what happens ill still catch your fall
Dreaming and dreaming of perfection
Listen my dear I need your attention
If life were but a simple incision
The world would be nothing but collision
To you I insert this love infection
Nothing to worry you have full protection
22 Mar 11 10:32 pm
i love you

You really know how to make me feel
The love I have for you is so real
You’re my dream every night
The moment I wake up
I know everything is all right
Id cry with you
id die for you
Ids even sing a song for you
Just to let you know how much
Our love proves true
You resemble something special to me
Something so precious
You see
You complete me as I am only half
That’s why I need you for this
Righteous path
We will go anywhere this path
Takes us even if it means the deep abyss
I cherish you for life until I die
For with you as my love there’s
No need for a humble cry
I have a dream that we will live
Together something I’ve always dreamed
Forever so I ask you now to be with me
And let us be together my angel
My dove forever in peace
22 Mar 11 10:31 pm
my heart awaits your love

Your smile is enough to last a lifetime
It’s so breathtaking that it’s a crime
Your simple beauty is too much to bear
For some reason though I choose to care
I can’t sleep peaceful at night
I always fall to my knees at your sight
I can’t get you out of my head
No wonder why I toss and turn in my bed
My dear your to lovely and very amazing
I wish you could see what my heart is craving
Endearing love painfully shocking
But my heart will always be knocking
Your love gives me much inspiration
I see you and I fall into a deep hesitation
Everything slows when I see your face
That’s when my heart steps up its pace
The world stops as I see your eyes
I wish you could hear the painful cries
I fell in love over and over again
Your heart must be mine to win
I can’t stand not to look at you
I mean I must express the upmost truth
I look at you and I see an amazing world
Something so peaceful inside a beautiful girl
Something that pounds my fragile mind
A girl who is so amazingly kind
A girl who fills the hole in my heart
With something so precious and state of the art
You have an amazing gift of love
One of the precious angels from above
A gift so rare and very unexplained
My love so wild it must be contained
In life there’s much to entertain
Though under control my love must remain
To grab love by its tangy and wild edge
I must first relax before I go over the ledge
I’m in love with you my angel my dear
This is really something you must hear

I’m in love with you
You are simply beautiful
And you make my world happy
And very peaceful
22 Mar 11 10:30 pm
you are my sunshine

I am your angel
I am your dove
Let us soar into the heavens above
Across the ocean
And the vast sea
I cast a love spell upon thee
Your love brings the best out of me
My heart races and pounds out of anxiety
You are my angel you are my love
You bring me happiness my wonderful dove
I love you so much id die for you
That’s how strong our love is true
You’re the stars and the moon in my sky
Your love carries like a sweet melody sigh
You understand me in so many ways
I’m glad I met you that one special day’
Can you imagine anything greater
That our love could grow even stronger……….
22 Mar 11 10:29 pm
ill be there with you

My dear my angel your too nice and kind
To simply the meaning you are so fine
The world was blessed when you were born
You were so soft and cuddly like an acorn
But that little acorn grew to a certain height
Now when I see her I diminish all my frights
You always have such a wonderful smile
Those perfect white teeth can be seen for miles
Whenever I get the chance to gaze into your eyes
It’s like seeing beautiful stars lined across the sky
Take me higher and higher with your love
Expand your wings my warm hearted dove
Across the oceans and the vast sea
I cast a love spell upon thee
The way you smile lights up a town
I think you should know the love my heart found
In this ill will world you bring peace and joy
When I see you I fall to my knees like the fall of troy
A shocking bolt goes through my knees
As I stand petrified like a stiff naked tree

i cry to you my angel my love
ill always be with you my little dove........
22 Mar 11 10:29 pm
merry hristmas beautiful

As snow falls to the earthly ground
I rush to see what I’ve found
A girl who means everything to me
A girl with such amazing beauty
I wish and wish with all my heart
That we would never be apart
Your personality drives me wild
We’ve left behind what we were as a child
Take over me and my personal dream
As my heart pours out and scream
How many times have we spoken
And grown such a love connection
I’ve fallen for you at endless times
Please my love hear what’s on my mind
angel you light up this ill world
Not to be rude but would you be my girl?
You make me feel loved so much
I want to be with you and never lose your touch
Just a picture of you broadens my life
As your love stabs me like a knife
To justify your facial expression
It’s like an angel’s way of getting attention
You gleam with brightness in and out
So there would be no reason to pout
Santa may always ask what I want
And sometimes I may try to front
Trying to play hide and seek
Looking to take a peek
The night before Christmas is here
Hoping that you will shed no more tears
Your beauty is genuine and fearless
If it weren’t for you I would be so careless
I’m so obsessed with your amazing beauty
As I stay true to your love faithfully

Ily my dear
22 Mar 11 10:28 pm
you are my dream

I glance at you as you pass me by
I see a girl so beautiful and wonder why
A girl so mild and so flirtatious
A girl so wild and oases
Divine love surging through my heart
Keeping you close and never apart
Looking into your eyes and seeing stars
Looking into the sky wondering where you are
I see you all day and in my dreams
I can’t look away from you it seems
To once refresh a world that was dark and grey
To glaze at the sight of your beauty all day
To hear your ecstatic and loving voice
Choosing to close my ears at a horrible noise
To see the sight of your beautiful face
Never losing touch and never losing grace
Coming closer to love every second
Never fading away for a minute
Flying away to a peaceful scene
Head held high as love intervenes
You give me inspiration every time we talk
This is why I wish for us to take a walk
I’ve always loved you from the start
No reason for us to be apart
Till the death ill love you my dear
Nevertheless the end is hear
Ill dream and dream every night
About something precious as your sight
Your beauty was too much to endure
I’m too addicted and there is no cure
My heart has fought the last war
Getting rid of darkness no more
Head held high and on my way
Guess no reason anymore to stay
Tears may stream come and go
But sometimes I just must say no
All the years’ I’ve tried my best
Guess it’s time to give it a rest
I just want to settle with you my queen
Forgetting all those people who are mean
My heart cried but failed the test
No reason anymore to be a pest
Just want to say I love u with my life
Just haven’t gotten the chance to ask if you would be my wife
I love you my dear