poyzon's Poetry


Being neglected.
Being rejected.
Feeling disrespected.
I should have fucking guessed it.
Should have excepted.
Everybody else fucking does it.
Feeling lost and betrayed.
Who knew I would be so affected?
I wasn’t prepared.
I need help, I am scared.
Stop pushing me away.
I wish you would have just stayed.
Did your feelings fade? Because I feel like I was being played.
Let me just sit here and play with this blade.
I can’t stand the pain.
Let me cut into my veins.

Game Over

Help me.
I don't want to breathe.
I hate my life
Hand me a knife.
Hand me that gun.
Please, someone.
I'm lost.
I feel like trash you can just toss.
I'm exhausted from hurting.
I'm suffocating, suffering, burning.
I have no friends.
Alone to the bitter end.
This is all just a game, that I must play.
And no one cares if I wake anyway.
I give up.
I've had enough.
Break the controller.
Game over.

Your game, My pain

My eyes became bloodshot, with every tear that dropped.
I didn't believe a word you said, still, I let you get in my head.
It was all a lie.
Not one part of it was true.
Wow, you really are a bad guy.
I'm crying because of you, but that you already knew.
To you, I never mattered.
You didn't care if I was sad, hurt or even shattered.
I'll never be good enough.
Faked love.
I was being played.
Did you have fun playing your game?
Now it's my turn to play.
I want you to watch as I cut through my veins, I want you to see my pain.
This sorrow takes ahold.
Let my blood run cold.
Watch as the blood falls, as it covers the floor and the walls.
Do you care now that I'm gone?
You shouldn't have used me as your pawn.