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12 Feb 18 11:08 am   
Greetings from Vivienne

Greetings members of this community.
I just joined today, I'm an aspiring gothic alternative model looking to network, make new friends, and meet like minded individuals. For more information on my interests, likes, dislikes, musical tastes, feel free to have a look at my profile.
I must confess I'm more of a rivethead than a goth though I do like my darkwave.



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12 Feb 18 4:58 pm   

People complain that there is not much action on here these days. The kids, as they were on here, all grew up and had kids themselves and don't have the time to put in and make decent additions to this project. Those days are probably not going to come back. Anyways, on Vampirefreaks I have a same name profile and there is a model friend of mine that posts on my page, if she is aware of modeling sessions or whatnot you can add me as a friend over there and see what she has to say.


If an elephant never forgets, does that mean they hold grudges?


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17 Feb 18 3:05 pm   

Hello. I'm Jacob, one of the admins.

My goth phase ended after 2008, but that didn't stop me from joining this site and enjoying the forums.

Feel free to bring in friends and liven up this place.

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