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12 Feb 18 2:53 pm   
TSA Theft

Had a great and intensive scuba class in Fort Lauderdale this last week. Upon arrival, I saw that one of my bags had been inspected by the TSA. No big deal, it happens. I left the slip in the bag when I left to fly home. Upon unpacking my bags, I discovered that either the TSA or baggage handlers had broken into my bag, stolen a $65 scuba mask and a $1,150 dive computer from that same bag, and the fuckers re-zip-tied the bag shut. In short, fuck Southwest Airlines. I'm in the process of trying to file a claim and it's already proving to be a nightmare.


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12 Feb 18 4:59 pm   

My computer got stolen too, I have to sell a work of art to regain my ability to write books of spy nature.


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