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25 Apr 18 8:52 pm
Hai. Mi nombre Davide, Nato Roma, Vampire, transformed in 2009, spent 9 years in a bar at forty because I couldn't do things when I was Vampariah. No longer a vampire, but a half angel, living through this 17 year winter, for the nuclear blasts still occur, and I am part of the Nuclear Missile defense system Operation NIKE, I have been saving the world with my military writing and I am on as David Marttir Vaccaro, with books, the BLue Tower, where I live and book six should be released and available for purchase about famous people of the 19th century yet to come, I am a time traveller, and there seems to be a blight of women, in this time, for I am doing a search and nothing comes up. I am also from Brenscula and Rothchild a trillionaire and have a castle in Bonefro, Brenscula is in Finland, and we have Sissu, my Aunt Assunta became a pigeon, and is having a baby pigeon. I am currently off the grid what year do you want to meet in Venice and let me know, I am Viceroy of Venice and am the Vice Consul of the Trump administration and I am not privaledged to say the designation of my unit, please buy my book and be an operative, I am socialist and have set up a new monetary system that requires no work, being related to the trillionaire Rothchild fortune do to them doing the Maid and Sophie Marceau, the daughter of Marcel Marceau and Jared Lehto is my other name he hails from Italy, and is quite young you should meet with my half brother and have a great date with him, if you like him, watch out there are good vampires and bad vampire and I am a healer that does Reiki, please write back and fire and anti-missile using Heavly weapons unit Co. H, and commmunications unit Co. C, Blue Tower is now Red Tower 2. They killed me 7 times in the night. What is the scenario, the order of battle is that I am going to make it to my castle in Italy and nothing can stop our destiny, okay, my email is

I used to be a teacher and taught gymnasium, which is a Greek word, how many Greeks do you know? Goodbye, ta ta.