Can't update profile
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16 Jul 18 11:06 am
I'm having issues updating my profile. I'm entering my password 100% correctly yet it still results in a system error ("You must enter a valid password")
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17 Jul 18 2:44 am
is the one who will solve this problem right away.
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17 Jul 18 7:23 am
Sorry about this. This is probably a regression as I've implemented a change recently to use a stronger hashing algorithm for passwords.

I'm currently on holiday at the minute but will take a look once I'm home on Friday.
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21 Jul 18 7:11 am
Not to disrespect your hard work but I've noticed a grammar mistake in some of the html coding in the forums links, i.e. if I click onto another user's profile and look at their forum posts it says "Goto post" instead of "Go to post". I apologise for being a bit of a grammar nazi, I just thought I'd point that out there for you.

What's happened to this place? It's become a corpse, nobody wants to come online anymore, not even the popular GG members. I was about 14 or 15 when I first joined this site, it used to be devilish red and the forums were fun. I miss the old GG days. I thought you was going to make this the facebook for alternative people to connect with other but now you all are on failbook but still you hardly even talk on there.
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21 Jul 18 7:14 am
You even got rid of the RPG forum and the enemies list.
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25 Jul 18 6:21 pm
Well , that was quite a difficult bug to reproduce but I believe it is now fixed. Let me know if you have any further problems.

the Goto Post link has been changed now, well spotted. I'm not sure what happened to the RPG forum although I did carry out a bad update a while ago that purged a lot more forum posts than intended

The enemies list was used by only a handful of users and they mostly just put themselves in there so I didn't want to keep it around as it meant more work on a mostly unimportant part of the site every time I make broadly sweeping changes to the framework powering the core of the site when my time could be better spent on features most users interact with.

Regarding the popularity of the site I can only really blame myself, I couldn't work on the features users were requesting fast enough due to other commitments like work and family/friends and some poor architecture decisions I made early on that I've been trying to rectify for a long while. Believe it or not although the look and feel of the site hasn't changed in a long while the entire backend of the site has been overhauled since the start of this year to try and bring it inline with modern software development practices and to aid me in adding new features going forward.

I'm not suggesting the site will ever return to its former glory, but it still has a special place in my heart and maybe one day I might be able to pull something out of the ashes that people find interesting.