Any wayward VFers here?
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19 Jun 19 6:44 pm
*****PLEASE NO HATE*****
I'm not sure if anyones heard here but he webmaster is shutting down on February 20th 2020. With that being said, hi my name is Amy.
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19 Jun 19 6:59 pm
A lot of us used to be on VF at one point or another over the last 15 years. You'll probably see a few more pop up over time~
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20 Jun 19 5:12 am
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20 Jun 19 10:24 am
Yes I did come here from and just signed up.
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20 Jun 19 12:33 pm
I’m still on both for now.
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20 Jun 19 7:07 pm
I’ve been on VF with at least 40 different accounts since 2006. They started banning me for trivial things such as having the GG watermark in my pictures.

Anyway... hi and welcome! I’m Jacob, one of the admins.

I don’t get on here much anymore but knowing that VF folks will probably start taking refuge here I probably will start using GG again.
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21 Jun 19 1:26 pm
Just came here today to check things out. I'll be so lost without VF around.
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24 Jun 19 1:23 am
Mmmyep. Don't know how active I'll be though.
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24 Jun 19 7:30 am
Yeah man jet's deleting it. so I got a link and am migrating over here.this place seems cool as, I'm digging it
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24 Jun 19 3:22 pm
I just joined from vf.
Trying out a few sites to see which I like best.
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24 Jun 19 6:06 pm
I see quite a fw emotes we had on VF so that's a comfort in of itself although it will get some getting used to.
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26 Jun 19 2:21 am
I was on here for a bit, it was dead, joined VF because it had more activity.
Now that VF is going under I need somewhere else to vocalize things that nobody cares about and whine about my life.
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26 Jun 19 4:15 am
Decided to try this out. HI STEPH.
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28 Jun 19 10:22 pm
I was on VF on and off for like 14yrs sad its going away
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29 Jun 19 9:55 am
Yeah I was on VF for years then moved over to GG. Been here for several years under different names lol
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14 Jul 19 7:59 am
I have been here for a while and on on VF since 2004.
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19 Jul 19 8:39 pm
I've been on here off and on as well. Also have had a vf account forever. Miss the darkstarling days though too