school shootings
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21 Aug 19 7:21 pm
Let's write about the school shootings... it is about time, first it is all men that do it. The second amendment provides for our right to arm ourselves; it has something to do with being prepared for an invasion and a home invasion, some of us are so good we have enemies, and we have to defend ourselves from miscreants. However they have took away assault rifles which are automatic, but there will always be arms dealers and if you pay enough they will put that gun in your hand, so taking away all guns like that won't stop no one, because if you ban guns then only criminals will have guns, and security guards and off duty policemen. I like when they show up and have a license to carry and take out those people that have played violent video games like grand theft auto where they always kill the prostitute hitch hiker and shoot down the cops. Cops are evil and that is why they get shot. When you are young you love the cops and all they did for you, but when you have lived a whole life and never been taken away; then they come to get you and they throw you in a hole and you don't see the light off day, and one day you are eating roast beef but you recognize the line of the scar on the roast beef of being a part of your face, because I used to twirl my champagne corkscrew curly blonde hair into knots until I mailed that to some girl I never met on the internet, and that is good DNA, but the times when I was young and they never fucked with me and I grew in my teeth I used to bite my insides of my cheeks and then you get roast beef you already recognize that they have already doubled you in jail and the rest of the prison is eating your hamburger. And the cops allow this because you committed no crime and yet you are in there so your computer being can take over your house or apartment, because as a Gemini their is more that one of you, so the cops move you out and then it is good cop bad cop episode and then they find you crazy and don't do prison time and end up in a mental hospital again because you refuse to go to rehab and at the rate you drink and smoke you would die unless you smoked dust first and then you got Pharaoh lungs which I have. So for this that the cops are above the law and take you away so your computer self can take over your apartment these young video game players shoot them up because they know they kill you in jail because we have all committed the same crime that women decided who lives or dies just like the sperm in your balls gets eaten if it is a male by the female sperm. It is human nature for the females to kill us and they don't like what has happened with clicking on a pink picture and then your computer gets redirected to someone that has their clothes off and they might be 18 or 17 and you don't know what to do; and now they made 17 legal so you don't have to worry about it too much and then you just lost another sperm in your pants by the female sperm that thought your sperm had impure thought. Listen we are animals just pretending to be humans and we have all made the underage mistake, I thought Hillary Duff was hot or Hanna Montana and it comes on at 4 or 2 am and their ain't no kids up at that hour so it is designed for us and you don't realize it is happening at an early age because there is nothing wrong with that when you are you, but with all these great perverted priests touching people wrong and even they turn into animals and fuck up life by touching kids wrong, mostly boys... the point is that the computer is worse than the television, and you click on a pink picture and then you get to another page you unsure about and you have to check and see if they are all covered up or not, because that is legal if they are covered up, but then again there is some dinosaur of a women that can mind read you and is a telepath and knows that she feels funny, and then it is just that female killing sperm again and you get taken away because she should be with you and yet the females leave you alone when you cross the line, and a lot of these shooters go wild because of this dumb game of inferior females deciding who lives and who dies because of the pink computer sin and you are going to die anyway so it is a military operation and you go out to defend your approval for killing the cops that are always on the other side of justice taking you away because you are a vampire and a woman feels you, so why don't you throw him in a hole and kill him so I won't feel him. Well, I would rather feel a girl rather than having my destiny decided by a woman that has no balls to get with me and leave me alone like clockwork orange where the lead guy goes out and kills like the way Leonardo Di Caprio killed in the basketball diaries actually glamorizing it shooting up a classroom seeing the people die and it is legal then in the movies and like Axel Rose chaining your eyes open or clockwork orange they did the same thing too and force you to look at something that is supposed to make you feel better but gets you killed, so the shooters go out and massacre people because they are gonna get it and you can repeal the 2nd amendment and then no one would have guns and then there is the Red Dawn thing like the shot guns that the Brits had in world war two when the Germans decided to go against 40,000 shotguns and have the battle of Britain, we have to arm ourselves and those assault machine guns will always be around, and some people like the fame but the truth of it is that not enough people love themselves and have hate for others because they got treated wrong. I bet there's no beautiful serial killers because the action is so horrid so ugly only an ugly person could do that. But that is because life is ugly and we do not live in a time when one is not to fully allow to appreciate beauty in all of its forms. And we die for that when they take us away, so you have to take the initiative, before they come for you, the old lady next door can't get with you and "feels you" and what we do has been done before the beginning of time and yet that old lady who will never make kids again also does the same thing because it takes one to know one and they just have your life in their hands and they point the finger at you and you lose your rights due to the Patriot Act losing our Miranda rights, they don't even read you your rights any more because it is a police state ever since the CIA took down the World Trade Center with Osama Bin Laden as a CIA operative just so that it would become a fascist country with the cops not even wearing blue anymore they are wearing black, and with all this gun violence and losing our rights it just ascerbates the whole situ and then it just boils down to a video game death match where you just put in another quarter when you die so you just keep on killing.
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18 Feb 20 5:55 am
I just looked it up and there has only been four school shootings in my country and no death tolls.
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18 Feb 20 7:11 pm
Where I'm from their hasn't been a school shooting since......? Last time I remember a mass shooting was the Martin Bryant incident in Tasmania 1996. We had a hostage situation in 2014 but that's not relelvant. Sadly, where I am we see a lot of reports of this sort of thing from the US and it stirrs a lot of antt-american sentiment. Just think, my father's from the US and he grew up with shot guns on his wall, kids used to take their rifles to school. But it was different in his time because their was more discipline and not too much pressure on kids.
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05 Mar 20 1:23 am
Where Im from, the only mass shooting was Ut√łya. Yet, Germany and Finland has had a few school shootings. And Sweden had one back in the 1960s. Sweden did endure a school attack, though, a few years ago, but he used a sword as an assault weapon