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13 Oct 19 8:57 pm
I have a question for you!

Ive always been drawn to the darker aesthetic of life and the fashion is one of the big things im passionate about, I'm just wondering what are you're thoughts on coffin bags, I love them I think they're so spooky, cute and beautiful however I want a bag I can use daily in society and I live in a small town and they are pretty judgemental about Goths. So my point is do you think a coffin bag is acceptable to wear out daily in public or a bag that is perfect for special occasions, also I do suffer from anxiety so I feel like the coffin bag would jeopardize my feeling of comfort and protection.
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26 Oct 19 4:02 pm
i think its totally acceptable. i myself would love to have one. Now as far as your anxiety maybe u could use your coffin bag on really short outings, slowly incorporating it.