I'm wondering who is active, and who uses this?
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02 Nov 19 2:23 pm
New, obviously. Is this place active, and who frequents it? Also is there a way to get notifs without using my email?
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02 Nov 19 2:38 pm
Hey and welcome! 👋

Unfortunately this place is nowhere near as active as it once was, but I'm hoping to change that with a rewrite that is in progress.

When you say get notified via something other than email, what did you have in mind?
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02 Nov 19 2:42 pm
Thanks for the reply. I meant a notifications link on the site, a feed would be nice, and private messaging. Pretty refreshing to be asked about opinions. Also I am inviting some VF users, and other friends to the site. So far it seems simple, but inviting.
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02 Nov 19 2:46 pm
If you need anymore help or ideas, let me know.
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02 Nov 19 2:47 pm
Ah I get you, I thought you meant mobile device notifications etc.

There are a bunch of new things in the works such as photo albums, private messaging and on-site notifications, it's just hard trying to find the time to sit in front of my computer and code (especially when that's also the day job!)
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02 Nov 19 2:52 pm
Gotcha, hey well once it's done maybe it can be your only job. lol.
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02 Nov 19 2:52 pm
Cool dav! Can't wait for the new updates
Will there be also a sort of newsfeed?
Glad to see this place coming back to life
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02 Nov 19 2:57 pm
Initially I'm not sure, there may be a basic form of newsfeed as I don't want to attempt to code something that'll delay launch too much.

Though I appreciate a newsfeed does help keep people updated/involved in the community!

It's nice to see new people interested in the site again ☺
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02 Nov 19 3:00 pm
Anywho i know im new here, but not new to the scene or social media so i suppose since there isn't private messaging feel free to email my email on file if you want opinions etc. I like helping, and it would be good to see it active.
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02 Nov 19 3:06 pm
Absolutely dav, you are the one who knows how it works
I don't mind waiting for the next updates
Good work
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02 Nov 19 3:14 pm
I dont either. i hope there is a basic coding for a feed.
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02 Nov 19 3:23 pm
Unfortunately activity feeds are quite difficult to implement. My focus is to release the new site with as many of the features that the current site has plus more then bring an activity feed into the mix.

I appreciate all opinions though as they may help shape the new build.
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02 Nov 19 3:29 pm
Sounds like a plan. I appreciate your open mindedness.
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03 Nov 19 3:38 am
How do i know whos online? How can i make friends?
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05 Nov 19 3:28 am *
use the tab at the top to search users, and you can add to buddy list on their page, and write messages to them on their page. Also when searching users you can select by most recently active.
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06 Nov 19 11:41 am
I always tend to make my way back. Can't remember login information for my "Antemilogist" account.. and before that I had something like black Skittles lmao. Oh 2010. This site used to be my favorite for a good 2 years. Which is ironic because that's when I was beaten down on in the forums lmfao but at the same time I was accepted
People talked to me. But gave me a lot of shit. I was young and dumb. Said a lot of ridiculous things lol. It is (or was in my memory) a great community
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11 Nov 19 2:48 pm
Hey it's the internet right? Anyone has access good, and bad. Luckily there is a block button.
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14 Nov 19 8:42 pm
I stop here at least once a week. Im really eager to check out the future re-write for this site. Lets make Gone Gothic great again xD
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21 Nov 19 6:44 pm
I got a girlfriend on this site for 6 years, now she is just an operative... ...there used to be a way to check on the newest users and I would welcome them to the site, but that search engine stopped working, I could use some love again from this site
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21 Mar 20 10:48 pm
Hello all! I'm new but I try to check regularly!