For ex VF users, how do you feel about it closing?
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02 Nov 19 9:15 pm
At first I was happy, because VF had/has ALOT of problems. We all know it.

Then I got sad, not for the site, but for it's user data base. Not all, but most are decent pleasent people. As far as the regulars go. I got over that though. As we all come to realize Jet has absolutely no care about the website users, or really ever did. In his early years it was his sexual playground. In the past 5 years? Well as you know pushing his store. Now he wants to just make it a store? Yep, it's clear.

I am over ir though. In the end that website was a cesspool of pedophilia, stalking, drugs, power tripping bullying admins, and lack of security measures. As the end of it draws near, I am now feeling a sense of relief.

Hoping the good people find their way here, or to bigger better things.
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05 Nov 19 6:55 pm
I don't know: vf had many problems but it was a nice place after all.
In the last months trolls made it impossible, I think this was bound to the decision to close the site.
I still use it nowadays: where do you find so many like-minded people?
I will miss it when it won't be online anymore. I hope this place may become a sort of other home
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11 Nov 19 2:45 pm
I agree, i hope it takes off. And also hope that dax steers clear of hiring any of the past VF admins, don't know them all personally, but they basically were/are bullies on a power trip, and violated privacy rights for entertainment. Glad i can block them on here.