For ex VF users, how do you feel about it closing?
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02 Nov 19 9:15 pm
At first I was happy, because VF had/has ALOT of problems. We all know it.

Then I got sad, not for the site, but for it's user data base. Not all, but most are decent pleasent people. As far as the regulars go. I got over that though. As we all come to realize Jet has absolutely no care about the website users, or really ever did. In his early years it was his sexual playground. In the past 5 years? Well as you know pushing his store. Now he wants to just make it a store? Yep, it's clear.

I am over ir though. In the end that website was a cesspool of pedophilia, stalking, drugs, power tripping bullying admins, and lack of security measures. As the end of it draws near, I am now feeling a sense of relief.

Hoping the good people find their way here, or to bigger better things.
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05 Nov 19 6:55 pm
I don't know: vf had many problems but it was a nice place after all.
In the last months trolls made it impossible, I think this was bound to the decision to close the site.
I still use it nowadays: where do you find so many like-minded people?
I will miss it when it won't be online anymore. I hope this place may become a sort of other home
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11 Nov 19 2:45 pm
I agree, i hope it takes off. And also hope that dax steers clear of hiring any of the past VF admins, don't know them all personally, but they basically were/are bullies on a power trip, and violated privacy rights for entertainment. Glad i can block them on here.
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14 Nov 19 7:53 pm
the vf admins are defntly scum bags who utilized the site to create their own little playground. Im been on here for years and after getting suspended years ago on VF I joined GothWire. Hope to see yall around either here or there.
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21 Nov 19 6:41 pm
They got rid of me fast, there was a cannibal too, vampirerave is another great site but they kicked me off when I asked how do you wash spandex, and then a black girl came on and said: "Is it over? Can it be? He's gone?" Yeah there are fucked up people around. I found when you join sites like that and you get premium subscription, then they come after you and then make you delete their account. They erased all my journal on there and I always checked once a year for it, it would have been a pretty good book.
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02 Dec 19 6:40 am
Power tripping bullying admin here.
I guess everyone's experience is different depending on how individuals used the site. I joined for the band pages back in 2004 and I will miss being able to connect with people from all around the world who have a love for similar music. I used to only read my friends feed and hang in certain cults and that made it a positive experience for me. I guess your own behaviour had an effect on what experiences you had but I will miss the aspects of the site that drew me there and the awesome people a met.
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04 Dec 19 10:51 pm
I was drawn to VF in 2004 by the selective alt music scene. there was no Models back then that came way later. along with all new stuff. it has evolved over the years but i still keep up with it. i will miss all ou guys who also have an infinity passion for alt music.

dark-freaks -DF
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17 Dec 19 8:41 pm *
Yall are good people, yeah itll be sad when it closes, i like this site. And you were the only admin i really liked simply because you didnt have a secret agenda to delete people you didnt jive with like most admins.
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19 Dec 19 2:52 pm *
I sometimes visit GG and VF just for nostalgia reasons. If Darkstarlings still existed I'd do the same, but it's a bummer VF is leaving. I hope GG eventually becomes a place for outsiders to feel apart of something again. In middle and high school, I would spend HOURS and HOURS on these sites.
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22 Dec 19 1:48 am
I will take that as a compliment.
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23 Dec 19 8:00 am *
my old profile we were buds, and you did not take offense to even dickish trolls so i dont imagine youd be much different in the admin seat. And ill say no more just sad some people get deleted over miniscule opinions or memes, even people i didnt get along with i still felt it was unfair. But now that vf is ending time to move on.
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29 Dec 19 2:46 pm
I'm a little butthurt, to be honest. There's a lot of "well if they did this then.." but alas, there is no argument that will change Jet's mind. Somewhere in VF's forums, someone explained how it's just more of a headache for Jet to keep Vf up and running then it's worth. Not to mention activity has been shit since 3.0 dropped (I'm still salty about it.)
Even IF Jet changed his mind I don't think there's anything they can do to bring back the activity it once had. The audience just isn't there anymore. Sadly, it is for the best. I hope we all find refuge in sites like this one or someone could successfully be able to create something similar (I have my doubts though).
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29 Dec 19 3:03 pm
i think a lot of things have gone down hill with the site, i use to love the chat rooms and how interactive it could be. nowadays i feel like a lot people have forgotten what its like to be an outcast as an alternative and its mainly just used for shitposting (not that there's anything wrong with that) and almost nudes (totally wrong with that).

the site has kind of lost its original charisma and purpose, which is kinda sad. I'm glad i came back and met some amazing people though, a few of which i have now met and become friends with in real life.

I will miss it but i do believe maybe it needs an ending because it has become too toxic and meaningless. there is no point holding onto it and we need to just keep it in our memories and our hearts.
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29 Dec 19 8:45 pm
Lol, coming here from vf. Looking for a good alternative. VF is a cesspool but it's got some good people in it and I've got lots of memories so I'm really sad about it.
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29 Dec 19 9:47 pm
It super gay!

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29 Dec 19 10:19 pm
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29 Dec 19 10:26 pm
Does this site have a notification thingamajig? I'm not seeing anything like that I keep getting emails like crazy it sucks.

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29 Dec 19 10:38 pm
Nope. Just emails. I am sure you can change it in the settings. I have been a member for a couple of years but have never looked. Lol
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29 Dec 19 10:42 pm
Well that's retarded
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31 Dec 19 12:45 am
It'd be nice to see some updates on this site... even though activity feels a little slow-paced over here I'm sure there will be lots of traffic coming this way after the apocalypse lol