VF social media is officially dead.
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01 Feb 20 11:18 am *

Yeah and nty the store is too pricey.
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01 Feb 20 11:28 am
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01 Feb 20 1:39 pm
I checked first thing this morning. Haven't been active there in years, really, but that was some good in-your-face closure.
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01 Feb 20 4:55 pm
Honestly, it was long overdue to get shutdown.

But really, they were a bunch of wankers. For a site as gigantic as they were they were very intimidated by the tiniest bit of competition from us and DS. I don’t even know how many times they banned me just for having the GG watermark on my pictures.

I still can’t believe DS got shutdown out of the blue though.
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02 Feb 20 3:17 pm *
Yeah jet has always been an edgelord. But he went extremely soft with old age, and pulled the plug after mass deletions over the tiniest infractions.
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07 Feb 20 12:20 am
Yeah, I love the VF store but it's a bit exy (expensive) for me. Mind you where I live (Canberra) we had 1 (and only 1) Gothic store and it was a bit pricey too. I just figured that was the nature of Goth stuff. : - (
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07 Feb 20 1:51 pm
I shall miss it ❤
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07 Feb 20 3:25 pm
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08 Feb 20 4:14 pm
Yeah the store isnt worth it, and not sure why its atrocious in price.
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11 Feb 20 11:44 am
One of my homes and a place I were could chat and talk with other people like myself. RIP my old friend.
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17 May 20 5:41 am
I miss it too. It was relatively well set up so that members could interact in real, or close to, real time. Their goth store had, at one time very cool stuff and sexy corsets for the ladies. Then, it got prudish and started banning any pics that ladies published that were slightly provocative. Too many supposedly underaged people on line. If there were a way of checking that and allowing more leeway, I think it could have survived. Jet wouldn't even sell the site to those who wanted to keep it going, or release the algorithm, what a dick.
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05 Jun 20 1:40 pm
I remember reporting them once for not removing a teen-only sex group/cult where anyone over the age of 13 was encouraged to post nudes. Mysteriously, nothing was done about it. They seemed to get away with a lot of iffy things like that. Maybe it was just the nature of the internet then.

I'm glad it's dead and I doubt that their eshop gets 1/100th as much traffic now.