VF social media is officially dead.
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01 Feb 20 11:18 am *

Yeah and nty the store is too pricey.
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01 Feb 20 11:28 am
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01 Feb 20 1:39 pm
I checked first thing this morning. Haven't been active there in years, really, but that was some good in-your-face closure.
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01 Feb 20 4:55 pm
Honestly, it was long overdue to get shutdown.

But really, they were a bunch of wankers. For a site as gigantic as they were they were very intimidated by the tiniest bit of competition from us and DS. I don’t even know how many times they banned me just for having the GG watermark on my pictures.

I still can’t believe DS got shutdown out of the blue though.
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02 Feb 20 3:17 pm *
Yeah jet has always been an edgelord. But he went extremely soft with old age, and pulled the plug after mass deletions over the tiniest infractions.
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07 Feb 20 12:20 am
Yeah, I love the VF store but it's a bit exy (expensive) for me. Mind you where I live (Canberra) we had 1 (and only 1) Gothic store and it was a bit pricey too. I just figured that was the nature of Goth stuff. : - (
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07 Feb 20 1:51 pm
I shall miss it ❤
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07 Feb 20 3:25 pm
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08 Feb 20 4:14 pm
Yeah the store isnt worth it, and not sure why its atrocious in price.
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11 Feb 20 11:44 am
One of my homes and a place I were could chat and talk with other people like myself. RIP my old friend.