What does goth mean to you?
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06 Feb 20 2:24 pm
For me its the music, the litterature and the clothes, plus a whole lot of interest in darker things.

I must say, however, that I do not self identify as goth, but I like the music and so on. I got into it through a friend.

What does it mean to you and how did you get into the subculure?
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07 Feb 20 3:39 pm
I’ve always looked at from more an artistic viewpoint, seemingly wholesome things to be dark and twisted, beauty in darkness or just a fascination with the darker side of life with a romantic twist to if that makes sense.

As for how who I got into the subculture I started discovering the more metal side of Goth when I was 17 and that’s what drew me in.
Cradle of Filth is what won me over to it.
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13 Feb 20 3:09 pm
I believe it can be a collection of things. Really anyone only ever gets called gothic because of their appearance. I know plenty of those who are interested in the gothic subculture and dress what most would consider normal or trendy. Like I myself have toned down my appearance with age but still tend to lean toward darker colors or mostly black.

As I said, it can be a collection of literature, music, fashion, fascination with the dark or twisted side of life and more. Whatever the individual prefers. I've always had this view on goth. Back in the Myspace/Early VF days goth felt very elitist online or even in school. There were always the kids that took their goth fashion further or if you didn't know literally every metal/goth/emo band you were labeled a poser. It made the 'regular' or 'preppy' kids look more inviting sadly. At least that's how it was in my school. When really it was just a common interest.
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18 Feb 20 5:51 am
It depends what you mean by "goth"? If you are referring to the subculture then it has a defined meaning. To me it means a music based subculture that I participate in. It means the music I love and the clubs and events I love to be involved in. It includes fashion I am drawn to.
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18 Feb 20 7:58 am
The word goth means nothing to me, I know it a sub culture but you have many sub culture within the whole Rock/Metal scene.
However, the whole lot of darker side of things isn't always the true saying to associate with the subculture or the label of Gothic.

As Battle Angel has stated to most if it is the subculture that draw people in, the music, the clubs life and events. To me, Being goths, Metal heads, Cyber Goths, Punks, Rockers, Emos, etc are just label and subcultures within a massive music community of rock, punk, pop punk, metal, rock n roll, all the other sub genders that fall into Rock and Metal.

I see alternative sites shouldn't be target to one sub culture of the alternative style, Whether we are goth's or emo's or in between, we are a community with the love of music and culture and fashion that makes us all stand out.
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26 Feb 20 10:41 pm
Norwegian pretty much nailed it. Goth to me means a person in a sub-culture with a theme for the dark, 'gothic', supernatural. It has a style of clothing and horror theme with it but I now a lot of Goths are really into sci-fi and fantasy too. Music is heavy metal but Goth seams to have it's own genre of music too. You can describe this in many other words I'm sure but that's how I define it.

I'm not a Goth but I really wish I had emerged myself into this sub culture when I was in my teens. : (
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05 Mar 20 9:55 am
Goth? I've seen a wide range of what people think is Goth. Everything from the high end fashion goth to those who just dress in black clothes. Personally, if I could afford to dress in fashionable clothes I would. But as I have such a feeble finance I have to be content to dress in mostly black. But does that make me a goth?

To be a Goth is for me Subjective and not Objective. Does that make sense? 🐀
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12 Mar 20 12:04 am
Trappernicus yes and yes!
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15 Mar 20 3:57 pm
I second that Trappernicus, I couldn't agree more!
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16 Mar 20 8:45 am
Personally, if you are Goth, awesome, but just be yourself, I don't go by labels any more. I left that back in the year, 2010!
Regards: RomeRoot
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08 Apr 20 10:23 pm
I wanted to be
Numb with a dark soul