The 3NCIRCLE N37WORK dark, adult social network.
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21 Mar 20 2:07 am *
I just stumbled upon this social network for the darkly inclined.
Just joined. It has groups and a newsfeed.
No idea what it is actually like as yet.
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21 Mar 20 8:22 pm
How is it so far?
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22 Mar 20 7:17 am
So far it is very quiet but the site itself seems to be easy to navigate. It has potential in that it is open to anyone and is not specifically for goth music/subculture. I think the newsfeed only displays your friend's posts unless there is a setting to change that.
It has a forum. Still dipping my toes in the water so to speak. No one has sent me a dick pick which is always a good sign.
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28 Mar 20 12:08 pm
I signed up to four goth sites and the one thing they all have n common is the lack of regular activity. Sad really.
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30 Mar 20 1:32 am *
I am hoping the absence of Dav and updates on this site is just a sign he is adding something big, and awesome. Like a news feed.
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31 Mar 20 11:00 am
A news feed would be good. It would be good to promote the site and get more members and activity.
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01 Apr 20 5:36 am
There's other Goth social network sites? LOL I live in Canberra so this kinda' thing isn't known about and we miss out on a lot down here. : ( I don't always find it ea't evsy to navigate around on's embarising to admit to but I can't even change my profile pic!?!?!
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01 Apr 20 8:31 am
Karl there are several Australian Goth groups on fb that are quite active. Loads of info on events, clubs and bands. There is Australian Gothic, Sydney Gothic, Melbourne Gothic and I am sure there is a Canberra Gothic. I know Club Chrome is no longer running but I am sure if they have a fb page you can get info there too. International fb groups I recommend Gothic International and Keep it Real Keep it Goth.