Any other writers?
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22 Jun 20 9:38 am
Toward the end of last year I started writing again after a 10+ year break to focus on music. By the time I hit full stride around January I was writing 5K words per day like it was nothing. Unfortunately, I got really sick (presumed COVID-19) and stopped again for a few months, but presently I've been picking up steam again. I just wrote a 6K word story that I'm pretty happy with over about three days.

Preferred genres: Modern fantasy, modern sci-fi, traditional fantasy, romance, comedy/satire.

Anyone else? Or maybe you used to but stopped at some point?
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22 Jun 20 2:13 pm
I write a range of poems.When I’m feeling sick and depressed I tend to write happy poems. And when I’m feeling happy and relaxed I tend to write sad morbid poems. Not sure why.

I have written two short plays but never got around to writing a novel, novella or book. Though I have plenty of concepts 🐀
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22 Jun 20 2:15 pm
Have you checked out my “Seven word story” game?
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22 Jun 20 10:25 pm
Yep! From 1997-1999 I used to write poems and short stories. I stopped when I got depression and didn't start again until 2016! I started writing short-short stories for a friend of mine who has ADD, her attention span is short. It started as an amusement at first but next thing you know I started buying notebooks and writting all sorts of crazy short stories! Haven't been able to sit and focus on typing them up though.
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22 Jun 20 10:28 pm
You can read people's stories and post your own on
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26 Jun 20 9:34 pm
Oh man, I used to write poems and short stories with ease. I particularly wrote dark poetry. Then like many others, depression got in the way. I’m getting psychiatric help now so I hope the creativity will be restored to my brain. Thanks for reminding me of an old passion though. All the best to you with your writings!
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06 Aug 20 12:13 pm

I have written a range of things. Such as poetry, short stories and even a play (though never performed).