Server Staff Activity
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23 Sep 20 12:41 pm
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the server staff are not active?
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23 Sep 20 3:33 pm
Which server staff?
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23 Sep 20 4:43 pm
I notice that too.
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23 Sep 20 7:13 pm
Server staff? For some reason I keep picturing Cybermen from Dr Who working on PC's in a small office.
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23 Sep 20 11:36 pm
until we get the scene kids and emos back on here, there's really no need for extra staff
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24 Sep 20 7:24 pm
To be honest I find this site very basic, nothing wrong with that!! *throws hands up defensively* My only grief is the Messenger isn't the best but it's really up to the users to be active, respond to each other, type comments and post cool stuff, ect. I think the site addressed this issue a few weeks ago.
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28 Sep 20 9:13 pm
I've said it before, the demand for forums like this site isn't as high as it used to be. The forum generation aka myspace kids have for the most part grown up and moved on. The next generation is about instant gratification such as instagram and tiktok. We're a dying breed . I'm guilty of not checking back here often myself.
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29 Sep 20 3:30 am
@hecter: Those who maintain the platform.

: You will assimilate.

: We don’t need more staff we need active staff.

: As much as I agree the site is basic, I can see how it can be upgraded with more activity from those who run things.

: Sad but true. We can still be old yet active. I don’t think our generation has died off completely.
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29 Sep 20 4:24 am
I'm part of that weird generation of in-between kids and I prefer these kinds of websites where I get a more "MySpace" vibe.

I had one of these accounts back in like 2010ish and there wasn't much more traffic then there is now.

But I 100% agree that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

For anyone that had a Vampire Freaks account, you could see how much of a shit-storm that turned into because of the sheer number of people on it.

Hell, I don't even remember a single soul I've met/talked to on that site.

I still prefer sites like this one and Gothwire because it's a smaller community of people, but at least it's consistent and you really get to see the personality of everyone and talk to people much more organically.

I feel like this website could use a little bit of updating to make it more appealing to the modern eye, but only just enough to keep the existing community happy and pique the interest of those who would be better able to contribute to the overall vibe of the website.

But I'm in no position to speak since I just recently made my account again and I'm not part of the staff.

I respect and appreciate the work they've done so far.

Also, hello, I'm not new but I'm probably a new face to those here
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29 Sep 20 7:24 pm
Hi wurdalak!

That's well said and fair enough. I don't notice any of the 'shit storm' on VF and I've had a profile on that site since 2008 BUT I didn't use it as frequently as this one so I would've missed out on all that. I started checking it regularly in 2019 but that's when it was dying. : - (

Cool profile name BTW! ; - )
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08 Oct 20 6:36 am
Most of us admins probably just don’t give a monkey’s toss.

And like some folks here said, there’s practically no reason for us to be monitoring the site very often.
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08 Oct 20 6:56 pm
Arak_Drakoniz wrote:
Most of us admins probably just don’t give a monkey’s toss.

And like some folks here said, there’s practically no reason for us to be monitoring the site very often.

The only reason this site is still up is simply for nostalgia, some people can't let shit go. Personally take GG out back and shoot it right between the eyes, if Dav doesn't even care to give any updates why should the admins or anyone else care about a site that's dead.
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09 Oct 20 4:40 am
: - (
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20 Oct 20 1:35 am
yeah unfortunately to some extent it has died off somewhat but there are still afew that do check in from time to time. it did used to be extremely active before but over the course of time and as someone said earlier some people have grown up and have moved on. but that doesnt nessecerly mean that its been forgotten about. that said mabye it has. who knows.. time will tell sooner or later time will tell.
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20 Oct 20 6:53 pm
Some things in life people say they "grow out of" but it's more like "they got over it and moved on." I also think that people's hypersensitivity and negativity is killing social web sites. : - (