Vampires are Real!!! : - O
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07 Oct 20 11:03 pm
It's something I've been fascinated with my whole life, Vampires. I collect nearly anything to do with Vampires and have a book case dedicated to Vampire books and DVD's.

Recently I was going through my documentaries on Vampires and came to the conclusion that...VAMPIRES ARE REAL!!

BUT nothing like in fiction or myth. They're just people who have a condition either psychological, physiological or both but they need to drink blood. They don't need much, a total of;

1tbsp x Blood p/week

They can last 4 weeks without. But symptoms of going without ingesting blood for too long includes lethargy and

"like razor blades ripping through my stomach."

NOTE: Ingesting blood is unhealthy for humans. I forget the science behind it but it has to do with enzymes and bacteria in the stomach. Probably why, despite the need to drink blood these people only need a small amount as it would be as much as the human stomach can accept.

Their is a medical condition that explains this...though I've forgotten what it's called. Anyone know what it is?
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08 Oct 20 6:32 am
I have to question whether or not the people who claim to have the condition actually have it.
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08 Oct 20 6:05 pm
Yeah, Arak_Drakoniz. I'm a bit skeptical as well. I kinda' feel they're using scientific terms to convince people a condition. There is a medical condition for it but it's very rare. Also, out of the three people I saw in the documentary one of them didn't fit the 'stereotype' which makes you think the others aren't as genuine.
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09 Oct 20 4:42 am
Oh, first when I saw The Thread Title, I instantly thought of:
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09 Oct 20 4:45 am *
Then, of course, there are those drainingass "Psychic Vampires ".....

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09 Oct 20 4:54 am
Yeah....I've heard people say "I get energised by being around other people." I feel like that's what a 'psychic vampire' is.
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09 Oct 20 12:21 pm
I was reading in The Satanic Bible about them, and I was all:

"Yeah! Exactly!"


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11 Oct 20 6:23 pm
With one of the documentaries I watched I couldn't help but feel that some of the people (the psychic vampires) just want to have something about themselves that is special and makes them stand out. But most other cases it seems like they were people who really do get energised by being around others. Which is fine.
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12 Oct 20 1:22 am
I have noticed that when I am AROUND PARROTS, I immediately begin feeling as though "my Engine Light suddenly turned-on because maybe My Engine suddenly started to Overheat." (I think Parrots are Beautiful but I *really* hate being around them due to how LOUD they are)

Same thing when I am around Parrotesquely-Loud People.


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12 Oct 20 1:26 am
My sister is Loud.

Loud Talker, Loud Laugher, Loud Eater, Loud Phone Conversationalist when In-Public.

I suspect she's going Deaf due to years of Playing In Bands...with No Ear Protection.

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12 Oct 20 6:27 pm
I think the whole Psychic Vampire thing is basically a variation on a theme of a personality type.
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17 Oct 20 4:39 am
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22 Oct 20 12:30 pm
I think you are referring to clinical vampirism, which is a disorder.
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22 Oct 20 6:34 pm
Norwegian wrote:
I think you are referring to clinical vampirism, which is a disorder.

Makes sense. There was a scientific term mentioned in a documentary but I can't remember what it was...some slightly lengthy latin word...Ha, ha! : - S