The best response to racism
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22 Oct 20 2:40 pm
In my book is to admit that we are all a bit prejudiced sometimes and work our way to trie and change it. Or, atleast neuance our perspective of the world.

Are we aware of our own biases towards other people?

Given that its been debated in both the mainstream society aswell as the goth scene I like to weight in on the issue of unconscious bias.

My interest in anti- racism also evolves around self awareness.

And trying to understand how the other person thinks

People are not necessarily aware of their biases, so part of this is to aknowledge biases we might have towards other people
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22 Oct 20 6:44 pm
I'm baised against my own people. I didn't noticed this until I was walking around the local shopping center one evening. I heard a bunch of young fella's coming around a corner. I felt anxious until I saw they were a group of young Asian men, then felt a surge of relief. I had a good think about it and realised it's because growing up in Canberra I was exposed more to White Australians who were mostly sociopaths that bullied me in school. So having that experience in childhood has effect my way of thinking as an adult. It's biased, I don't like it, I try not to think that way but it's an instinctual reaction that's been hammered into my sub-conscious mind. : - (
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22 Oct 20 11:51 pm *
Racism Is Cancer. Racists Are Malignant Tumors. They Must Not Be Ignored And Must Be Eradicated. No Arguments.


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22 Oct 20 11:53 pm
Give all so-called "white" supremacists An AncestryDNA Test and watch those infinitely-pathetic Bonebrains freak once they find out that they themselves (somewhere down the line) indeed actually DO have African Blood in them, heh, heh, heh.....




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23 Oct 20 1:28 am
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01 Feb 21 7:59 pm
It wasn't the best, given I could of lost my job or worse. But I threatened someone with violence, and told them I'd beat their ass and their face in the ground if they didn't shut their mouth. I told them they were stupid, uneducated, and I used any and all information I had on them to slander them. It worked though, he hid the the back of the store keeping his head down and his mouth shut the rest of his shift. He never looked me in the eye again, but was sweet as candy to my face when we worked together. He was over 300 lbs meanwhile at the time I was a pregnant beach ball who couldn't tie my own shoes.
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02 Feb 21 10:17 am
I’m not racist, I hate everyone equally!

The m not White, I’m racially fluid.
Yesterday I was an Ethiopian.
Today I was a Croatian.
Tomorrow I think I’m Chinese.

You can’t judge me! So don’t even try! 🐀