I'm Feeling Gothic, Baby!
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25 Oct 20 2:06 am

So *what* makes you ~FEEL GOTHIC~ ?

A Certain Kind Of Night? A Certain Scent/Smell? A Certain Combination of Music, Environment, Mindstate? A Memory? Etc.

And How Often?

Share Below If You Wish...you don't need to Explain WHY you ~FEEL GOTHIC~ (nor Justify it to anyone), of course...

(Whatever "Gothic means to you, heh)

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25 Oct 20 6:38 pm
Got a Gothic Industrial playlist on YouTube. I love it! It puts me in the mood. Also, times of year such as Autumn and of course now because of Halloween. (I'm in Australia).
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26 Oct 20 4:03 pm
when i get to ride along side The Headless Horseman