Old Stomping Grounds.....
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25 Oct 20 3:45 am
Old Stomping Websites, really.

QUESTION: "What Are Some Of Your Old Internet Haunts That You No Longer Go To Anymore (for whatever reason; you don't need to elaborate why you no longer go there, of course)?

Share Below If You Wish.....
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25 Oct 20 3:49 am *
MySpace, FB, findagoth.com, sinisterspace.com, satanspace.com, YahooGroups, gothwire, disqus, deviantart, IMVU, MEEZ, HeroMachine, potspace.com, ChronicCorner.com, stoners.org, fetlife, collarspace, others.....
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25 Oct 20 6:41 pm
VF (Vampire Freaks) because it no longer exists (except for the online store which I spend a lot of money), Netfriends because...it's pretty much FB. Haven't been on it since 2003. Neopets...just kinda' got bored with it.
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26 Oct 20 4:00 pm
i think im banned on GW for sayin n word...i aint with the b.l.m. movement for numerous reasons