A Certain Parking Situation.....
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15 Nov 20 5:30 am

"You Pull Into A Parking Lot And You Start Looking For A Good Parking Space. You Finally See One, BUT:

Upon Nearing It, You Then Notice That Some Other Vehicle Is Actually Parked Well Into It In Addition To Being Parked Well On Top Of Another Space, Effectively Occupying *TWO* Spaces.


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23 Nov 20 6:30 pm
Take a photo with the license plate clearly visible and email it to the parking inspectors...then sit back and see if anything happens. Sounds lame but might actually work! Mwahahahahaha!
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24 Nov 20 1:26 pm
Find a new spot. I usually can't be bothered. /shrug
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26 Nov 20 2:33 am
KARL: Haha...Excellent, Karl. XD

OD: Kool, Demon. ;)