How often do you use this site?
I can't stop logging in.
A few times a month.
Once in a full moon.
I get curious once a year.
Why, and where am I right now?
This is my first time, baby!
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07 Jan 21 8:40 am *
I haven't been here in almost a year. I do love this site so I am checking in. I was really hopeful for an update, but you know what? The simplicity that continues is somewhat refreshing. That being said I am very curious.
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07 Jan 21 10:36 am *
I log in at least once a day 🐀
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07 Jan 21 10:43 am
A few times a month.

I guess I prefer a site that's not TOO busy nor constipated.
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08 Jan 21 3:21 am
I"m here daily for hours. HA. even though there is hardly anyone to none. HA.
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08 Jan 21 7:19 am
Hector, talk to me? 🐀
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10 Jan 21 6:22 pm
Trappernicus wrote:
I log in at least once a day 🐀

Same. It's a routine for me. I had been on VF since 2008 but logged on once in a blue moon. Always regret not being a regular, so I make a routine of logging onto GG daily.