Quarantine Time.....
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08 Jan 21 10:55 pm
QUESTION: "How Are You Dealing With The Lockdowns? What Are You Doing/Not Doing Nowadays? Any Big Changes In Your Life Routines?"

Share/Elaborate below if You wish.....
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10 Jan 21 6:26 pm
Hasn't effected me much at all. Ha, ha! My favourite past time is being in my room playing guitar, drawing while watching a movie. That or working on stuff in the garage while watching heavy metal video clips.
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10 Jan 21 6:29 pm
Though I should add the experience has made me realise there are little 'gems' in Canberra and I really should take advantage and go out to them while. : - (
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10 Jan 21 6:29 pm
*while I can.
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11 Jan 21 11:30 am
I tend to stay at home as I like to sleep most of the time. So the lockdown hasn't changed much 🐀
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11 Jan 21 6:30 pm
At the most....when I have time off I like to walk around Fadden Pines during the day BUT last year I noticed when it was considered okay too go outdoors heaps of families were going for walks, ridding bicycles, ect. It was nice to see except I normally avoid people so I started going at night to avoid them. LOL