[poll] should tasers be banned?
not sure
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15 Apr 21 9:52 pm *
I always thought tasers should not be incorporated into self defence. You have a right as a law abiding citizen to carry lethal and non-lethal weapons. I view electronic weapons as having an uncertain outcome which can result in a charge of manslaughter for those who are not qualified or certified. I want your opinion.
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18 Apr 21 5:02 pm
I own a stun gun. I’ve had a buddy use it on me to test its effectiveness, it feels like someone rubbing sandpaper vigorously on your skin.

Tasers, I feel, should have some restrictions. I’ve been subject to one (also voluntarily) and if anything, I think falling in the wrong place can severely hurt/kill you.

Pepper spray is more effective than a taser because you’re gonna be useless for a good 10 minutes if it gets anywhere near your eyes. And yes, I voluntarily subjected myself to that as well.
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18 Apr 21 8:00 pm
I actually saw a guy get tazed once....didn't really do anything. He just landed on his knees, liggled a bit then tore off the attachments and kept running. I think tazers need to be more advanced like the phazers on Star Trek. BUT I don't think civilians should own them.