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19 Jun 22 12:20 am
I’m a Medium, and I’ve channeled a lot of ghosts. I don’t always see them, but I’ve met a lot of interesting people and I’ve interacted with them a lot. I’m wondering if anyone else has had experiences with ghosts?

Some Goth ghosts I have interacted with:
Myka (RIP 1987, Albany, NY)
Salem (RIP 1992, Albany, NY)
Blayne (RIP 1989, Salem, MA)
Miriam (RIP 1989, Salem, MA)
Caterina (RIP 1987, Brighton, England)
Cecelia (RIP 1989, Brighton, England)
Kennedy (RIP 1988, Manchester, England)
Xandyr (RIP 1988, Manchester, England)
Johann (RIP 1991, Munich, Germany)