Okay, who deleted everything?
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11 Mar 18 10:02 pm
Where'd all the threads go?
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13 Mar 18 8:43 am
The forum pruning script clears out topics where the last post is older than 10 days. I've just upped that to a year on account on very little activity so topics will stick around longer from now on.
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15 Mar 18 12:34 am
I remember that, but there were some threads I'd just posted in recently, within a few days at the time of the topic, that shouldn't've been deleted. Was that a result of the update?

I mean, yeah, we didn't really lose any active topics, but was a bit curious.
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15 Mar 18 2:08 pm
Good point. We do seems to be missing all topics that weren't stickied apart from this one... I must have messed up the script when I trial ran it and cleared them all out
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04 Apr 18 2:23 am
Made me lol logging in to see that things went -poof- lol.
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05 Apr 18 4:58 pm
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