Movies Spoiled
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06 May 18 1:49 pm
Have you ever wanted to see a movie but people spoiled it somehow no matter how much you tried to avoid that aspect?

On accident or purpose?

A movie cared about but spoiled by the information of key aspects or little special ones.

Such a hard task now days to be able to watch something a little late without having the movie's information meet you at every corner if you do anything on the internet somewhere.
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06 May 18 9:23 pm
I try to see the movie as soon as possible and avoid as much of the internet as I can to avoid spoilers. It's shitty to have a movie spoiled for you.
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07 May 18 6:23 pm
Eh spoilers don't bother me.
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15 May 18 9:54 pm
666_Symphony_Gothic wrote:
Eh spoilers don't bother me.

Same... I mean most trailers and reviews are spoilers.

It doesn't bother me but then again most of the movies I enjoy are movies I like to watch over and over again.
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19 May 18 12:15 am
Good trailers are suppose to tease you into wanting to watch the movie, may still give away a few moments but the important ones should still be kept for viewing the movie. However a lot trailers don't really care and will give away anything. I watch a lot of things repeatedly but I do find the first viewings to be important enough to have a little specialness within them including whatever surprises they might be able to muster up.
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12 Aug 18 7:46 pm
I actually look for spoilers... and I'm the little cunt who will spoil movies without a warning. Seriously, why people get their panties in a twist over a spoiler is beyond me.
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12 Aug 18 8:34 pm
Yeah. He isn't lying.