Looking for compatibility in friendship
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06 Sep 18 10:05 am
Hello I'm Eyrisse, looking for people to share a common interest with within this subculture. I'm laid back and always open to make friends.

little about me:
about to be 26
I love reading, interested in tarot cards and the psychic otherworldly, decoding dreams
I love anime and manga, also creating a goth/alternative webcomic hoping to post sometime in 2019
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07 Sep 18 1:18 am
Hey there. Very new to this site, first time posting. Sounds like we have some common interests. I'm also looking to meet some people with some of the same fancies as me. I'm very into otherworldly things and stuff like that as well.
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28 Sep 18 6:08 pm
Dark Greetings,

Interesting place, gone gothic.com is.

Wondering if the members within make it more so.

I'll be around, slipping in and out of a shadow.

Talk soon
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21 Dec 18 10:43 pm
Hi! I am up for making new friends!
I absolutely love this site, but it seems to be a bit dead.. shame, and I would love to make some friends here so feel free to message me at anytime.

I am also 26,
And it seems we share a few interests (: