Not sure if dream OR?
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01 Feb 20 11:25 am *
Woke up hearing my name called out. Sounded like a deaf person trying to pronounce it. Not sure if it was my dog whining awake and i half dreamt it. But i fully woke and swear i heard footsteps walking down the street away from my house.

So semi weirded it's a stalker or something. This was early like 5:30am.

Last few nighys having vivid strange dreams. Like out of place forgetting what im doing. I use protection affirmations before I go to bed. I have a feeling it was the dead, i have a lot on the other side. Just hard to pinpoint.
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03 Feb 20 3:24 am
it was meeeee
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04 Feb 20 11:11 pm
i had these things happen to me as well..
i think it could be a subconscious thing
maybe your angel telling you something.
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05 Feb 20 4:38 am
It could be subconscious waking you up because you know you need to do something and your mind is working over time to make it happen 🐀