Hello From My Grave
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06 Jan 20 2:23 am

I am a goth who has recently decided to rise from my grave and interact with as many fellow goths as I can online and off. I live in a rather conservative area so it is not very convenient to meet others like me that are near by. I am excited to get out and attend a local club when I have more free time on my hands.

On a more personal note: I am feeling estranged around some people that I have to communicate it. I know that, at our core, all humans are self serving and many do not pick up on depressive nonverbal cues. Yet a part of me still feels purposefully shunned. They are more interested in their friends they have know for years rather than the new person, me, and I am not necessarily like that. I tend to be more interested in getting to know new people and help them feel welcomed around me, more than mainly giving attention to group of friends. How have you moved on from unwanted social isolation from others isolating themselves from you? While I move on from seemingly "friendly" people, it is time for me to discover more about the goth community.

There are some questions for you all:
What are your favorite gothic audiobooks?
What is one thing a goth living/working in a conservative area should keep in mind?
What would you like to see more of in the goth community that "baby bats" can try and bring to the culture?

Gothic regards and many thanks for your reply,
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06 Jan 20 8:31 am
I dont like to label myself, but i fell into dark culture at a young age. I find beauty in the chilliness of solem nature. I like hauntings, and the beauty of transformation that surround death. Generally speaking my manner of fashion swings from goth, hippy, to old ladyesque. Im not sure how youd like me to answer your questions. As far surrounded by conservative people goth can be conservative or liberal depending on the person. Just be yourself whoever you jive with whether goth or not stick with them. As far as "baby bats" as in younger goths. It's definitely different, because you grew up with different music, movies, and books. I don't feel anything needs to be carried on other than general respect for eachother and sub cultures. Leaving the elitest mindset behind is healthy.
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01 Feb 20 3:41 pm
I don't consider myself goth so much as a lover of the dark. I grew up in a funeral home that my parents owned until about 5 years ago. I am also a practicing wiccan as well as a butcher by trade.
But I've been drawn to the gothic subculture for ever. Have never been to a "goth club", I don't really dress the part but the passion and the love is there.

As PentAvalent said, the 'elitist' mindset seems so old these days. The point of goth, or any genre, is acceptance of something outside of the norm. The norm is changing. Roll with it, you might actually come to like it.