Learning This Site (Help?)
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28 Jan 20 2:19 pm
Is this strictly like an early 2000s discussion board site, or is it also like more modern social media with live updated timelines and profile interaction?
Just want to know how to operate properly and make friends.

Any help will do. Thanks.
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30 Jan 20 11:55 am
I think for now it's mostly the forums. You can comment on others profiles and interact with photos as far as I know.
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01 Feb 20 6:31 am
I hope they make some updates soon
it certainly feels like i'm on Myspace or something
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01 Feb 20 6:45 am
I really hope they add a main feed... Iā€™m not really a fan of forums.
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01 Feb 20 11:15 am
Let them know in the suggestion section.
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05 Feb 20 4:41 am
I really would like to see GoneGothic grow and develop. I have posted the suggestion to add groups or cults for people to share common interests šŸ€