Inside Intel on Hacking?
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16 Jun 20 7:56 am
Let's just say I know someone who just might want to access a dead social platform via the ftp protocol. What would that someone require to get access? Just asking.
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16 Jun 20 10:17 pm
I don't know too much but I'd say that person would need the right software. The real question is why would they wanna' access a dead social media platform? : - S
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17 Jun 20 12:12 am
wait what? If the server has all the files the only thing making it "dead" is the lack of online or registered users.

Accessing the files legally would mean you have the username and password to access the files via ftp.
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17 Jun 20 10:29 pm
Guess that answers the question - username and password. ; - )
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18 Jun 20 2:26 am
, Legally yes.
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18 Jun 20 10:00 pm
Could do it that way but pretend it's illegal for street credit? LOL *jokes* : -D
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19 Jun 20 6:12 am
Admin Username and Password to access the ftp server would help to get things updated. Followed by promoting the platform and driving activity. Of course if the owners of the platform wanted to, depending if the files are stored on their private server, they could just delete the lot. But it could still be an interesting challenge.
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21 Jun 20 4:27 am
money and percentiles.
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21 Jun 20 6:51 pm
Even a mostly dead site like this is worth some money. You could try contacting the owner and make an offer.
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22 Jun 20 2:11 pm
I have. They current owner replied to one email. But since has done nothing.