New starts
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20 Jun 20 11:27 am
I'm not new here, I was a regular for some years back in 2008- onwards but deleted after it somewhat died.
I don't think many of the same people are on here now, but looking forward to meeting some new people!
Feel free to send a message my way if you're online.
I don't always respond straight away, sorry about that, with this place being so dead I don't think about being here much.
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21 Jun 20 4:07 am
I still drop in from time to time.
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22 Jun 20 12:02 am
I'm on here Mon - Fri. Message me and there's a good chance I'll respond. ; - )
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22 Jun 20 9:09 am
Welcome back.

I re-added this site to my daily logins not too long ago. It seems like there are a few more people hanging around the forums than usual right now.
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22 Jun 20 2:10 pm
I have four goth sites I check each day. Sadly they are all low on activity. Not sure what can be done to change that. Maybe more motivated admins?
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07 Jul 20 6:28 pm
Hello! I have a few that I check too, hoping some day that they will become active again.