Halloween 365.....
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27 Oct 20 4:44 am
Despite its original Origin, It's Halloween 365 For Some People, I Have Long Ago Certainly Noticed.


Fine by me.

So: Is It Also Halloween 365 For You Too?

How Do You Live Your Halloween Life?

Share below if You wish.....

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27 Oct 20 6:27 pm
Ergh! In Canberra when I was a kid no one celebrated Halloween. If you mentioned it people would say "this is Australia, we don't celebrate that sh*t here!" It frustrated the firey f*ck out of me. They viewed it as an American holliday and there was a lot of anti-american sentiment. What made it worse was that it's a Celtic holliday but people with Irish and Scottish background had no idea.

BUT we've come a long way! There's lots of Halloween parties in Civic and there's teh Canberra Zombie Walk on the Halloween weekend. A town outside of Canberra called Googong has a Halloween festival called Boogong!

: - D
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28 Oct 20 4:51 am *
Ha...sounds fackin' kool, Karl.

I've never been to Australia, but I have certainly found it very interesting for years, yes.

I suppose I have BEEN wanting to Travel To Certain Countries since I was a kid but I honestly don't really see it happening anytime soon; certainly courtesy of Covidgate (among other reasons...blah).


Oh, well...

But yeah, I've heard some other Peeps before from Other Countries also saying that it's not THEIR Celebration, but over the years I *DO* still notice it being celebrated worldround more and more anyway, aye.



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28 Oct 20 6:35 pm
Yeah, Halloween is a Celtic holliday! So some Countries with Celtic origins celebrate it like Britain, N.Italy, Germany and N.France which is news to me because I just thought it was Britain that celebrated Halloween! : - O

The Irish and Scots brought Halloween with them to Canada and the US but not to Australia. The only conclusion is to why is it's because we're in southern hemisphere it's Spring Time so the atmosphere isn't quite right but also because we started as a convict colony...not a place for happy fun times. LOL

But the Spanish and Protugese have Day of the Dead which is pretty much a Hispanic Halloween! Even the Chinese have something similiar. : - D

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
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29 Oct 20 8:50 pm *
Oh, man...since I was a kid, England and Japan seemed Great to me, Karl.

China too. Egypt. Greece.

Later, then France and Italy and Australia. Germany. The Netherlands.

Some other places I maybe was curious about but not so much to actually Visit; Canada, Pennsylvania, Brazil...Hawaii. New Orleans.

(but once Colorado made Pot Legal, *YAYYYYY!!!!!* XD Wanna go now! )

But nowadays, now that I've seen SOOOOO MUCH MORE HORRIBLE INCONVENIENT BULLSHIT with Airport Crap, Coronavirus, Worldwide Terrorism, Human Shittiness in general, etc.....


How about you?