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23 Feb 21 1:41 am
QUESTION: "Does/Would It Bother You (if at all) If Someone Else (Known to you or Not; Friend, Acquaintance, Stranger, Etc.) On The Internet Procures/Saves/Keeps/Manipulates/Steals Your Own Personal Pictures/Images (for whatever reason/s)?

Is It Naive/Unrealistic To Expect Others To NOT Take Your Stuff (unbeknownst to you or otherwise)?"

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23 Feb 21 3:11 am *
We feel as if we should be credited for our work, but why have we been
programmed to think like this? Why must we think we have to earn a
currency to trade for things we desire? This whole system is weird.

To answer your question, I could give a fuck less if someone used
my photos as their own but that seems kind of fake on their end because
they didn't even get to experience the photos they choose to post.
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23 Feb 21 5:54 am
I personally am not too concerned about people stealing my pictures. If they pretend to be me, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that it isn’t actually me.

Also, this isn’t very professional of me to say as an admin but bruh, processing reports of fakes on this site was such an eye roller to me. Like, what’s to stop them from repeating the cycle? Also, I’ve blocked IP addresses only to have to same people find a way around it.

Towards the end of this site’s reign I just encouraged people to just not pay attention to them.
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23 Feb 21 12:03 pm
Well the question may hinge on how we either value or don’t value our image and reputation. The visual image speaks directly to that story we want people to see in us and believe. The reputation is a little deeper and speaks to our core values that we hold of importance.

So someone takes my photo and renames it and posts it as themselves? For me this would only be annoying. My life is vacuous as it is. If someone wants to present to look like me, than not much can be said about who they are.

If, however, they use my image in a degrading way that implies that I’m doing something that breaks my ethics or moral codes; than I will have a problem.
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23 Feb 21 6:29 pm
Meh! It really doesn't bother me....unless they use it for their own identity that would be disturbing. I've also seen it happen.
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23 Feb 21 11:51 pm
I had two different people on here take my photos from my account and post them in other places (fb etc) and use a false narrative with my face. Fun times...
Funny enough that's not why I don't have my body on GG, I just keep forgetting to post 🤷.

I know for a fact a guy has topless pictures on me as a minor, he lives in KY.

I know my old photographer, has pics of my asshole on a drive somewhere. He was drunk and called me after he was fired, and told me that he like to jackoff to it sometimes. I was like "👁️👄👁️ um what???" But I'm over it now.

A couple of people used my photos from way back for gothic/scene/emo quizzes 😅😂 I won't lie, I was a little flattered.
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25 Feb 21 6:43 pm
I have a friend who worked as a model . Years ago I was getting date matches on Ninemsn Personals. The funny thing is one match had a profile photo of my friend from one of her model shoots! I was there when she had the photo taken! I called my friend she saw the profile. She was a little bit weirded out but mostly flattered. We figured it was a shy, insecure, young lady who obviously wasn't confident in her apperance so she used my friends picture.
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28 Feb 21 5:38 am

Oh, well...I guess (Right Or Wrong) Others will do what they do With Others' Images, ey?

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28 Feb 21 10:29 pm
DevilsFood wrote:

Oh, well...I guess (Right Or Wrong) Others will do what they do With Others' Images, ey?


My folks have a saying "do what you will, but harm none." ; - )