Fully-Grown People?
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28 Feb 21 4:50 am
QUESTION: "What Do You *NOT* Feel You Should Have To Actually Tell 'Grown People' What/What Not To Do (or How to do it)?"

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28 Feb 21 4:54 am
I get damn disgusted that, in 2020/2021, supposedly "grownass adults" evidently must still be Taught How To Wash Their Fucking Paws.


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28 Feb 21 5:53 pm
sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.
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01 Mar 21 7:51 am
I have had a grown friend helping me with my small zoo of animals. She has been kindly letting them out in the morning and locking them up at night.

Today she mentioned that the rabbit didn’t seem to have food. I had told her before her food was in a tin with a lid outside the hutch. Today she asked if the rabbit could get to the food okay. Very odd indeed. The rabbit would have to break out, open the tin, move food to her bow and than return. 🦊