Your Hair Cut.....
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02 Mar 21 1:23 pm
QUESTION: "Do You Personally Cut Your Own Hair? Or Does Someone Else/Salon/BarberShop Do It For You? "

Share/Expound down below if You wish.....
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02 Mar 21 9:16 pm
I've actually Cut/Styled my own hair for years.

Goddamn, it was a bit tricky Learning To Use BuzzClippers Ambidextrously. Ha.

I also had to learn how to use The 3-Way Medicine Cabinet Bathroom Mirror.

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02 Mar 21 9:27 pm
I shave the sides of my head myself. The back can get frustrating even when I use a hand mirror.
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04 Mar 21 5:54 am
Oh, yeah, Arak...The Hand Mirror too also took a while to get the hang of, heh...Defining My Mohawk In The Rear is also a bit of a challenge, agreed.

I'm actually too Proud to ask anyone to help me Do My Mohawk.

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04 Mar 21 7:41 am
To shave money (lol) I cut my own hair 🦊
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08 Apr 21 6:51 pm
I use to cut my own hair but now I just go to a salon every two years or so. In other news I don't own a hand mirror