3 Good Things?
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10 Apr 21 9:53 am
QUESTION: "Are You Able To Daily Write Down 3 Things That You're Actually Grateful For? What Are Some Of Them?"

Share/Expound down below if You wish.....
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10 Apr 21 3:50 pm
am I able? Yes, do I? Not really. I really need to journal more.

Today's three. My kids, the fact I'm still alive and the roof over my head
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13 Apr 21 3:44 am
1} I'm Infinitely-Grateful I've Been So Awesomely-Fortunate To Have Had So Much Time And So Many Years That My Forever-Beautiful Mom Timelessly-Blessed My Family With Her In Our Lives...


2} I'm Forever Grateful That We Still Have My Dad With Us...


3} I'm certainly grateful that (because I have by now seen a LOT of unbelievably-crazy Natural Disasters unfortunately hitting The East Coast, The West Coast, Other Countries, Etc.), where we currently live, we have been Very Fortunate thus far.

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14 Apr 21 2:45 am
Grateful for real friends, food, and this bath im about to take
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14 Apr 21 9:01 am
I really can’t think of anything 🦊
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15 Apr 21 8:53 am
Blankets, I love snuggling under a good blanket.
Tea, I like a good tea.
And quite.
Can you tell im tired? 😌