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06 Apr 14 1:03 pm

Hello guys and girls,

I just wanted to post a quick update to let you all know about the current state of the site and what the future will bring.

I know a lot of you have been wondering about the site's future. The truth is I haven't had the time to work on it for a long time now, however expect that to change with a design refresh and more updates and involvement from me over the course of this year.

GoneGothic will be relaunched this year, but for now I have made the following small improvements:

  • Set the gallery/artwork uploader to allow multiple picture uploads (maximum 20 at a time)
  • Removed the watermark from uploaded gallery/artwork pictures
  • Other behind the scenes improvements that many of you will not notice but will aid me greatly in my efforts to carry out future improvements

Thanks for your dedication and patience!

- Dav

04 Apr 14 6:38 pm
We did a massive clean up to the Forum. A lot of forums have been deleted and merged with others. If you get lost, look under the forum titles and the description can help you find your way around. So go check them out and post!

25 Dec 13 10:01 pm
We just want to wish the community a very merry Christmas! Hope everyone gets what they wished for!

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