Community News
Updates incoming...

I've finally got around to redesigning the forum index so that the latest 5 topics of each forum will be listed. Also this page is now mobile responsive!

Most of the changes since the last update have been behind the scenes and shouldn't be noticeable from the frontend of the site.

Here is a list of the latest changes:

  • Added a new content parser for comments and posts.
  • Removed all mention of ratings from the site
  • Removed the ability to hide comments on profiles
  • Major behind the scenes updates


The removing cruft update!

This round of changes has focused more on removing poorly implemented/utilised features in an effort to allow me to spend more time working on the features members want once the mobile optimisations are completely rolled out.

Here is a list of the latest changes:

  • Updated the style of comments displayed on profile and comment pages
  • Removed the ability to send a user an email from their profile
  • Removed the ability to privatize/deprivatize comments
  • Removed the privatize, deprivatize and add buddy links from comments
  • Removed the table of random smilies above comment forms
  • Removed the ability to send group comments
  • Removed cloaked comments (Private comments now function in the same way as cloaked comments did)
  • Removed the ability to rate a user (This may be temporary, I'd like to hear your thoughts!)
  • Many database changes
  • Update server and third party components


Emoji support has landed! 🎉🎊

I've been busy and have added emoji support throughout the site 😲😲😲

Here are some more changes:

  • The account settings, login audit, delete account pages have been updated to be mobile friendly
  • The change password/email form has been split into separate forms
  • Removed signatures (They ruined the mobile layout of many pages)

Enjoy 🖤